The Bullies

In Austin, Texas there are three kids named Chad, Jake, and Jeremy and they call themselves the bully group because they pick on kids and when they say something back to them the beat them up. But now kids are starting to tell teachers and parents and they don't know what to do.

Walking to school

“What’s up turd face?” Jeremy asked while all of his friends laughed. The boy started walking away but Chad instantly pulled him back.

Kid being bullied

“Where do you think your going?” He taunted. “Uh I-I-I-I was just trying to go to class.” He stuttered.

Mabel trying to help a kid getting bullied

“Hey!” A girl named Mabel shouted. “What do You want girl?” Chad asked. She asked “Can you stop picking -” Before she could finish her sentence Jake already pushed her into the drinking fountain and she hit her eye on the metal.

Mabel after her eye hit the drinking fountain

The boys looked at each other, they all chuckled in menace. “You tell anyone about this, you're dead,” Jake threatened. They boy nodded mostly because he didn't want a black eye too.

Scared kid

They all walked down the halls not going to class because they didn't want to. "I hate math, It's so boring and no one pays attention," Chad moaned. "I know I haven't done any of the homework she has assigned." Jake exclaimed. They all laugh.

Laughing at what Jake said

The boys ran off. They all ditched school and broke into a guy's house to have a snack and watch TV. While they were flipping through channels they wondered if thy should steal but they all came to the conclusion that their fingerprints would end up everywhere.

Breaking into the house

The boys break into house once a week and end up going back to school after. They never get caught because as soon as they hear sirens they leave.

Boys resting on the couch

They were in this person's house relaxing, suddenly they heard sirens so they they started running back to school. Once the boys thought they were in the clear they took a break and walked. But then heard the sirens getting closer to them and everyone stopped and stared at each other.

Walking back to school

"Guys it's ok no one is going to jail and we are not getting caught" Jake assured. But now a cop car is driving down the street that they were on. Chad screamed "RUN! EVERYBODY SPLIT UP!"

Running from the cops

They boys ran for their lives, all going a different direction. Now they was about six cop car after them and they all ended up getting caught.

One of the boys getting arrested

The police officer that talks to them was Lieutenant Mitch. He was a big man, thats is probably why he didn't chase the boys down but now he is starting to ask the boys questions.

Lieutenant Mitch

"How old are you guys" asked Mitch. "These two are 14 I am 13" chad mumbles. "Okay, you have to get in the car, NO goofing around back their or your gonna be in more trouble than you already are" The officer sternly states.

Boys in the back of the car

Now all three of them are in the back of the car driving to the station. "We shouldn't of started running from the cops" Jake says whiles sobbing. "Yeah, it's all our fault about those houses. People have to pay for those things that we stole, broke, and ate." Jeremy confessedly responds.

Jake Crying

Now the kids are walking into the station seeing crazy people there. “We don’t belong here” Jeremy says. We shouldn’t have ever bullied those kids. “Yeah” Chad agrees. "Once we get out of here let's apologize to everyone we bullied a vow to never break rules or the law again."

Boys in jail

The next week comes around and they all come to school the same as their old selves. They were bullying kids, getting in trouble, and ditching class.

Ditching Class

The boys were walking down the hallway one day after ditching class and their was a kid right in the middle of the hallway running because he was late for class.

Fred running down the hall

"Guys, watch this!" While this boy was sprinting Chad close lined him and he falls on his back. They didn't know it yet but they finally met the wrong kid to mess with because he has been wrestling for six years

Fred and Chad fighting

Immediately the kid named Fred is now on top of Chad screaming at him, "I swear I'll kill you, you picked the wrong day to mess with me!" Once they other boys saw Fred on Chad they immediately pulled him off and now he looks like he is willing to fight everyone.


"Come at me," Fred dared. The boys crowded around him cautiously. "Don't make us beat you up," Chad said. "Yeah we just want your lunch money," Jake agreed.

Jake asking Fred for lunch money

"Fine here you go," Fred sighs putting his hand into his hand into his pocket pulling out the money. Fred gave them a twenty dollar bill so they ditched school and went to McDonald's.


While they were eating they were talking about Fred, "Man the kid doesn't know whats coming to him." He says cockily. The boys all agreed that he was too confident and if he ever did anything like that again they would beat him up.

Boys eating at McDonald's

The next day all three boys get called down to office. The all go into the principals office. "I heard you kids have been bullying again, Huh?" He questions sternly. "Uh no! We have been really good." Jeremy fibs.

The principal

"Well Fred told me and other students that you almost beat him up and you guys stole his lunch money." He defended. "Guys give it up theres no point in lying," Jake sighs. They told him about how they bullied so many kids and how they ditched school.

Confessing to the principal

"Well from what I heard and it seems like you guys are getting better, I have no choice but to expel you all," he harshly shouted. "Nooooo please Sir i'll do anything our parents will kill us." They cry. "Well maybe you should have thought about that when you were bullying those kids."

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