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Team 3D Prototyping

The Team 3D Prototyping assignment touched all the course goals/ objectives, to discover, perceive, ideate and make. This was my favorite assignment that we did in IDS1353 because it made it feel like it was simulating real life job experience which I find very useful. We had to meet deadlines, ideate through collaboration in our group, work with another department (Fab Lab), pitch our ideas to Manny and Matt, construct a 3D model, and pitch/sell our product to the audience (the class and Professor Amy Bucciarelli). As a group we applied creative thinking skills while individually reflecting and sharpening our own creative skills and creative process.

Name Tags

This is in my top 10 because it fell along the lines of my creative process. My mind likes to connect multiple thoughts, things, or ideas to help me remember. Creating our names tags with our least dominant hand left many names unreadable. Thats when the picture helped out. Looking at peoples pictures made you backtrack to their name by connecting what the picture made you think of. This activity worked on our personal creative ability by making us think how we can relay our name to someone through a picture.

White Paper Towers

The first day of class we had to create the tallest structure we could using only paper and a little tape. I enjoyed this activity because it made you think outside of the box. It also made the class recognize a few barriers that limit creativity through the materials and time limit we were given.

Personal Creative Timeline

I was proud of the timeline I created to display my creativity over the years by only using colors. I feel as though I expressed it accurately through simplicity. When the activity was first announced I wasn't sure how in the world I could complete the task. I had to break through the barrier of common thinking and perceive a new process to express my creativity.

Post-It Note Tessellations

The introduction to tessellations made my mind adjust to seeing things in a different perspective. This activity helped us to better form and recognize patterns. I enjoyed creating and observing my own tessellation.

30 Day Challenge

The 30 Day Challenge was very enjoyable for me. It helped deepen my understanding of the 4P's in creativity, person, place, process, and product. Place seemed to be the biggest influence on me while I was completing my 30 days. I tied in objects and feelings that I felt and saw in the environment around me into each of my 30 days. I had to apply creative thinking tools and skills to create new and fresh ideas after I hit the barrier of repetitive thinking. I liked this individual project because even though days 11-20 and 21-30 were the same tasks it still seemed like it was something new everyday because the outcome was different everyday. This assignment also helped me narrow down what my creative process is. It helped me see that my mind works by connecting ideas and objects.

Abstracted Animal

The animal I abstracted for this activity was my chocolate lab. We were challenged with the task of drawing the animal we chose with a limited number of lines. We first could only use 6 lines, then 4 lines, and then 3 lines. This made us have to chose certain shapes and features to draw while still getting across to the viewer what the image is. This abstracting made my mind think of shapes, outline, and key points of my dog such as the ears, the nose, and the tail. I thought this was a good activity to demonstrate the creative thinking tool of abstracting.

Definition Of Creativity

Coming up with a definition for creativity was something new to me that I had never thought about. When the class was asked what the definition was everyone had a bland generic response. As a class we worked together to create a few finer definitions of creativity that weren't as dull and bland as our individual responses. This is one of my top 10's because it opened my eyes as to how important collaboration is in creating a higher quality outcome or product.


Playing with tangrams was another activity we did in class that worked with demonstrating the creative thinking tool abstracting. It was amazing to me how when I was younger I could create multiple objects and animals but when we did it in class I struggled. It was almost as though I had lost touch with the thinking tool abstracting as I had gotten older. I liked the tangrams activity because it was a fun and entertaining way to learn about abstracting.

Creative Person Resume

Formatting a resume for a creative person was another assignment, next to the team 3D prototyping, that I found to be very beneficial for my future. Everyone in the class needs to know how to create a resume so that they look professional when they go to a job interview after they graduate. This assignment worked on strengthening our written communication skills. The creative person I chose to write a resume for was Samuel Adams.

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