Digital Imaging Portfolio By:Allison Pleitez

One of the first tasks assigned was to build a sandwich using different layers, we were also told to add a creative background. I took the opportunity to utilize an iconic movie scene from my favorite Disney movie.

For this task, I chose to add Mufasa and Simba in the bottom left corner to admire the fireworks. Since most of the time fireworks are enjoyed with company and for holidays with family, I felt it was appropriate to use the scene where Simba and Mufasa were staring at the sky and change the background.

Once again, I chose to use a famous scene from Lion King as the background for this assignment. The crab definitely sticks out in the environment making it almost funny to be with this already odd bunch.

I used the same scene for a different assignment where we had to use a wet paint brush. I enjoyed doing this scene for this assignment because of the colors contrasting one another, and the scenery seemed to fit perfectly.

This assignment I found to be one of the most difficult and time consuming, the amount of shading that was necessary was almost overwhelming. In addition, the need for filters and details added to the stress. In the end, I liked seeing it done - it is one of the most colorful tasks which appeals to the eye.

For this project, we were assigned to create a surrealism piece. I chose to represent society's current obsession with food and money - which has destroyed our land. With everything going on at such a fast paced, the United States has lost its appreciation for mother nature which is why I incorporated the fish, beach, and roses. The fact the dark sky is on top demonstrates our priorities.

In the spirit of Halloween, a haunted house was assigned to us. This was one of my favorite projects because I got the hang of it fairly easily and enjoyed adding the rain and fog to it.

As a dog lover, I enjoyed using this adorable model so much! I did not want to distort the face too much since I really enjoyed the dog but it was also kind of cool to see the results of using different paintbrushes.

Above are some pieces I chose to do in extra time, Julia gave me the idea of using Olympic divers' faces to place on weird objects. I also took advantage of it to appreciate some cute dogs that I found.

Being one of the first real exercises in Illustrator, I expected it to be much more difficult than it truly was. Instead, I found it was not that bad and I liked getting to explore with the stroke colors and patterns.

I did this project slightly different from how we were supposed to, but I found it rather easy to do with the pen tool. In addition, I began learning the value of anchor points and handles while doing some of the letters.

I was never a fan of invader zim, however, this project brought me back memories of friends from elementary. This was a little harder than I expected, aligning the strokes was a pain but in the need it came out pretty well and it gave me a lot of practice learning where to add anchor points.

This has been my favorite project overall, even though it took a while and presented itself to be a challenge at first - I came out extremely satisfied with the result. Once again, drawing inspiration from Lion King I chose to use Nala as my template because she is an underrated character that deserves more recognition. This was also really helpful in learning how to use the live paint bucket tool.

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