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My book takes place in Florence Italy. A bit of it takes place in Philadelphia but the current and main location is Italy. When I read the book I can imagine the beautiful sun and old streets of Italy. I see people riding bikes and couples dining in quaint restaurants eating pasta and bread
One specific location is the dock where Nadia's father takes her to watch the sun rise. It is beautiful, especially how the pink rays of light reflect against the glassy blue water. From that location you can see the cathedral, with the pink Vespa parked outside and in the distance you'll see the piazza. The piazza is the marketplace where delighted people roam, buying food and other items.
The novel I'm reading takes place in modern times. I know this because Nadia's parents are always telling there son Jack that he is on his phone too much. Although the time period is during modern times, this story makes me feel like I am in a vintage town because it takes place in Italy. The story also really makes me want to eat pasta
The environment in the story is warm, sunny, and beautiful. When I read the book I can just imagine the colorful sun rising above the sea, and the cobblestone streets where people ride mopeds and bicycles just as the author describes. In part of the story, Nadia flashes back to when she and her family lived in Philadelphia with her best friend Maggie. The setting in Philadelphia was much different, because it was snowy and cold.
The population in the book seems a little crowded in certain areas, but sleepy in others. For example, at the piazza, it is crowded with Italian people everywhere. But near the docks and by the cathedral, only some people roam, such as couples and lonely people wandering through the streets.
One of the objects that "time stamps" the story is the phone that Jack goes on from time to time. Also, Jack, Nadia's brother, loves to cook fancy Italian foods and considers himself a spiceoligist, which could posibly show that the book isn't in the future where the food would be very different than classic Italian dishes. The fact that a Vespa was parked outside the cathedral shows that they aren't in the future or too far back in time, because a Vespa wouldn't exist in a world with flying cars or a world with wagons pulled by horses.
The mood of this story is "lost". I think this because most of the book is inside Nadia's mind, which is knotted and dizzy. Nothing she is thinking really makes sense and it gives you a distant feeling. Another mood I could use to describe the story is "vintage" because in the story it describes the beautiful streets and shops along the sidewalks. You can just imagine all the quaint things that Florence Italy would hold.
The setting effects the story quite a but actually. I know this because when Nadia was living in Philadelphia with her best friend, she was happy and she knew herself. But ever since she and her family moved to Italy, nothing has been the same, and she seems to be lost. If the setting did not take place in Italy, then none of this would be happening, and the story would have no purpose.

The end


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