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Ian is the Vice-President of Nuhn Industries Ltd., as well as a Northwestern Graduate.

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"I'm the Vice-President here at Nuhn Industries, my main position though is to do all the engineering and product design, so basically everything we make, I draw it up ahead of time and figure it all out on the computer," Nuhn said.

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When talking about his experience at Northwestern, Nuhn said "It was definitely very positive. I consider myself a Huskie right through my core. I love that high school, I definitely miss those days, it was a lot of fun. It was a great environment, I loved the teachers and the students. It had a really different feel, I found. My sisters went to (Stratford) Central and I knew some people that went to St. Mike's, and Northwestern didn't have that same cliquey feel to it that some of the other Stratford high schools had, so I really liked that part of Northwestern."

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"I went on to Laurier University, and then came on to here to work in the family business. Definitely, for university preparation, Northwestern was just a fabulous school. I was in the Honours Business program at Laurier, and for a lot of the math and those types of courses, I felt extremely well prepared for versus some of the kids coming out of these Toronto schools. I actually couldn't believe how much I knew compared to other students when it's the same Ontario-wide curriculum.

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When asked about people who inspired him at Northwestern, he said that some of the teachers in the Tech Department were inspirations. "I have a huge respect for Mr. Edwards, who's still there, Mr. Orenchuck, who was my computer science teacher at the time, and Kevin Johnstone, who's the business teacher I had. So, a lot of the business and technology teachers who I had are inspirations because that's what I'm doing today."

"The opportunity to compete in Skills Canada, that was a huge opportunity and I'm really grateful that the school chose me to represent them and to be able to take that path all the way to the finals. That was definitely a huge opportunity, even to this day I look back on it as a really life-changing event."

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When asked about certain classes that helped him today, he said "Definitely some of the shop classes that I took in grade nine, and the Technical Design and Drafting courses. I kind of taught myself Autodesk Inventor and the CADD side of things, but for proper dimensioning standards, for how to read blueprints, all that stuff, I learned at Northwestern. I'm not an actual engineer, but I do all the engineering here, and it's basically what I learned in high school. I just kind of grew off of it."

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