Images in Templates GUIDELINES FOR Adobe Stock Contributors

To ensure your success as an Adobe Stock templates contributor, read on for best practices for setting up images in your files and what kind of images you can include in your templates submissions.

As a reminder, per your Adobe Stock templates contributor agreement, you represent and warrant that you own - or have sufficient rights to - all IP in the content included within your template file, including all copyright, trademarks, patents, rights of privacy, rights of publicity, and moral rights.

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Images in Template Files: General Images Guidelines | Other Elements | Placeholder Areas

Images in Thumbnail and Preview Files: Display Photos

Images in Template Files

General Images Guidelines

  • Do not submit content that does not belong to you, or incorporate photos, images, or other graphic elements that are not yours - this includes content found on websites, through online search results, content licensed from other stock sites, and logos/references to brands (including Adobe and Adobe products).
  • Images included in your template file must comply with existing Adobe Stock legal requirements - you must have full ownership of the image and have the proper model and property releases (if applicable).
Examples of images that would need property and model releases

Other Elements

  • Any design elements or artwork included in a template are considered fully licensed by the user to be modifiable as they choose.
  • Do not include QR codes or barcodes in your template file - use placeholder areas to indicate that a user can add their own QR codes or barcodes.

Placeholder Areas

  • If you do not have images that you created/own, you may license Adobe Stock images for display use in the thumbnail/preview files, but the actual template file must have placeholder areas in place of actual images.
  • Placeholder areas must be clearly labeled as "[YOUR IMAGE HERE]" in the layer names to indicate to users that they should customize these areas.
  • Placeholder areas should be non-specific and set up using the appropriate tools for each app: Frame Tool (InDesign), Clipping Masks (Illustrator), or Frame Tool/Smart Objects (Photoshop).
Display photos may be used in thumbnail/preview files (left), but they must be converted into placeholder areas in the template file (right)

Images in Thumbnail and Preview Files

Display Photos

Display photos are acceptable in the thumbnail and preview images - for more information, see Thumbnail and Preview Images for Templates

Last Published: October 25th, 2019