Magnolia Scribbles Children acquire knowledge through experience in the environment. Maria Montessori

Hello Magnolia families,

I hope you are all safe and healthy. I miss each and every kid I work with. Kids bring me more joy and happiness than any of you can imagine and I hope we are together again soon. Teachers everywhere want students to know that they haven’t gone anywhere. They are merely waiting in the wings until it’s safe enough to be back in the classroom. Students are our purpose, we feel a little lost without them. The whole purpose of this quarantine time is to keep as many of us safe and healthy as possible. So teachers want students to know that they should stay home and stay safe so that everything can return to normal as quickly as possible. I am Saying good bye to our friends who are moving to the first grade for the next school year and it is exciting to see their growth. For this academic year, this will be the last Magnolia room newsletter you will receive. For those who will be returning to us in fall, we look forward to another great year. I have attached few resources to keep my students involved with the classroom routine work. Hope my students are enjoying doing the work sheets I am sending them.





Bye Bye every one. Have a great summer! Hope to see you soon. Mrs. Rizvi


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