Photosynthesis is the anabolic pathway in which light energy from the Sun is converted to chemical energy for use by cell.
electron transport chain starts off with light energy hitting photosystem 2 the electron gets exited, moves from photosystem 2 and move along the electron transport chain as it moves through the hydrogen ions moves through the electron carrier. Then the electron goes through photosystem 1 and gets reenergized and gets excited again. Then goes through the Ferrodoxin (the final electron acceptor) electron gets added to NADP+ and then adds a hydrogen ion. then forms NADPH. Then heads to calvin cycle.
carbon dioxide comes up with RuBP and forms PGA. Then ATP and ADP goes in and get turned into NADPH. Then tunes into NADP+ and then turns to G3P. A little goes out to make sugar the rest goes back to rubisco to change back to RuBP. With added ATP.
The End :)


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