Story of my life By:amanda corallo

I was born march 1st 2002 on a Friday at 12:46 p.m. To Kelly and peter corallo.❤️❤️! I have 2 siblings. My sister Elizabeth Lee corallo and my brother peter Vincent corallo the 3rd "Trey". I was the only kid to be taken home after 3 days after being born. My parents walked me through the door of a trailer. I loved on Madison place till I was the age of 6. Then the worst thing possible could have happened. I was at school on December 19th,2008. It was a half day. So after school dcs(department of children services) and my parents had a meeting. They had me,my brother, and my sister in a different room. They let me go in to see my parents and my mom was crying and my dad wasn't even there. I asked my mom why she was crying. She said she was happy about Christmas coming. But I found out that me and my siblings were going into foster care. My dad wasn't there because he didn't believe that he should have to say goodbye to his own children. My mom told me that she was so upset that she's took the tree down on Christmas! For my Christmas that year they put my sisters and my presents in a trash bag and gave it to us like that. My brother was in a hospital for a while cuz he didn't handle it very well. We were all in foster care for 3 months. My grandmother(dads mom) took me in and my nana(Mom's mom) took my brother and sister. My grandmother got me 1 day before my 7th birthday. My brother and sister moved to Alabama 5 days before Christmas. And now 5 years later my sister graduated!


She's now 20 and she'll be getting married in 2018 on Star Wars day to Anthony Brady!!! My brother is graduating this year and he'll be coming back!! Ill be 15 march 1st!! I wouldn't have made it this far with out all my friends here's some pics of them!!

Josh Nikki jay and creed

Thx for reading if u have any questions email me at or text me on Instagram @amandacorallo thanks for reading about me I'll be putting different stuff up soon!!!❤️❤️

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