'The Divine' Experience Erin France

The Spatial Experience

I apologize for the silliness of this photo, however I feel it reflects how comfortable I felt in the small theater.

In this photo, you can see that I am seated near the back of the auditorium. However, what you cannot see is that I am also relatively close to the stage. This particular theater was very small, lending the performance a much more personal, intimate relationship between the characters and the audience.

The Social Experience

The two girls on my right are a few sweet friends from high school. Since coming to college we have had trouble finding the time to be together, however this was a perfect opportunity and we made a night of it!

Any opportunity to spend a night with old friends is worth spending. It was interesting to enjoy the performance with people who you have known for a few years because often the same memories surfaced when triggered by something in the play. The idea of 'going to the theater' made the night a step up from just catching a movie, but offered the same post entertainment activities and socializing.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

I absolutely loved this picture with its simple yet bold black and white design.

Also in the theater, there were several art pieces leading the audience into the auditorium, such as the one pictured above. This allowed our group of millennials to step away from our phones for a moment and appreciate images directly related to the preforming and art world. 'The Divine' itself contained themes that made the audience really think about life and how much of it we are prepared to face instead of ignoring reality, leaving the battle for someone else to fight.

The Emotional Experience

I'm just so happy to be with friends who understand me (and let me be weird in public).

The performance itself contained scenes that were very emotionally charged, especially if the audience member felt a connection with any particular character. Beyond the theater doors however, there was also the opportunity to discuss the play and the themes it touched on. My friends and I had not spoken in a while simply because life got in the way, however it was a beautiful experience to reconnect with them on an emotional level when comparing the performance to our own lives.

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