Social Categories and Labels Shannon Danis

For this Project I Delved into the World of Thornton Academy's "Drama & Theater Kids"

Some Expectations Given to Those Who Fill the Role of "Drama & Theater Kid" include:

  • Being outgoing, and always putting on a show in their everyday life.
  • Talent. Drama & Theater kids are expected to be talented in all regards: singing, dancing, acting, everything a person with a different title to their name would expect to see in a professional theater setting.
  • Overly confident. Seen as full of themselves like they're the best at everything, which is somewhat contradicting considering the other expectations assigned to them.
  • Being book-smart: These students are expected to be high achievers in not only the arts but academics as well.

Advantages & Disadvantages

They're highly praised, especially around show time. Usually only the actors/actresses, while the tech crews, etc., aren't held as highly in our society.

Being "talented and funny" are the desirable advantages many of them are entitled to have.

It is definitely a disadvantage for the quieter members of the group, since it's harder for them to fill the expectation of being "outgoing" and "the moodmaker".

They have a "purpose" in TA's social ladder, unlike students who aren't part of a sports teams, the lowest being students who aren't involved in anything and don't have many memorable or remarkable achievements.

They usually have a reputation within the arts department which can be either an advantage or disadvantage depending on the person.

What People said When asked for Their Opinion on this Social Group

"Expected to be a part of all of the arts programs; TA's Got Talent, Coffee House, etc. Academically motivated, super outgoing." - Classmate #1
"Extremely talented, and have high expectations for them. Full of themselves." - Classmate #2
"Teacher's pet, honors level, sociable, and outgoing kids." - Classmate #3
"Talented, they stick with a group, very outgoing." - Classmate #4
"Very friendly, challenge themselves academically, and are involved in other art programs." - Classmate #5

Taking a more Broad Look at the Group Identified as "Drama and Theater Kids":

Putting the expectations that usually come with this label aside, being a part of this social group can bring joy into people's lives. It's something they are passionate about and are happy to represent.

Being a drama/theater kid isn't a negative label in comparison to other labels, but some of the expectations can be a bit overbearing for people who aren't a part of the group for the title.

What Social Label am I Placed in?

Others I have asked regarding my social label in our society, have labeled me as an AP/Honors student.

I can't say it's a false label, since I am a student who has always been in honors classes and held an A grade average, but for that to be all that's held to my name is boring.

Expectations as an AP/Honors Student include:

  • Members of this group are expected to be smart, smarter than what you'd call an "average student".
  • Expected to really challenge themselves academically in every subject no matter what their strongpoints are.
  • A "suck-up". Always trying to get on the teacher's good side and be held as the most important student there.
  • Overly confident in academics.

I feel like I've met the expectations regarding challenging myself, but that doesn't mean I'm overly confident in academics. I do feel I am comfortable and am much less bored in higher level classes, but not all subjects are my strong points and I do struggle in some classes just like everyone else.

I feel pressured under this label to know a lot of things, know the answers to everyone's questions, to "have it easy" because "I must be smart enough if I'm in all honors classes". Just because we take a lot of honors classes too doesn't mean our goal is to get to an Ivy League College.

Not all of the people under this label are the same either. One person could excell in science and struggle in english, while another person could be extremely confident in english but not be very confident in science.

Regardless of the title I'm given in society, even though I do feel a little pressure to fill it every now and then, I am my own person who has no obligation to fill every expectation required of the title "Honors and AP Student". Like every other person in society, I am not just a label.


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