Elements of art -Nevaeh

Lines, Lines start from one point and are made vertically, horizontally or even diagonal across the page. In this picture it is looks like its only made horizontally but the imprint on the hand is going vertical.
Shapes can be all over the page, but they can also be in one object.it is limited to two derections... width and length. Like this turtle, it has many shapes inside
Value is the darkness and lightness of tones in a color, like the picture above there are different shadings going from light to dark
In a color painting there can be variety of colors, they can be mixed and be the original color. I think the artist of this probably thought about making a tye die looking thing
texture art is a three dimensional and two dimensional picture that looks as if it has a rough or smooth surface, the tree bark would be a rough texture
A form is a three denominational form that a posses as a shape, the shapes above are three denominational and are shapes
Spacious art is an art that has a lot of space that can be taken up by something, on this canvas there is a lot of extra room

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