Lynae Photography. fusing nature with people.

Keali Lynae Carter is twenty years old. As a summer baby, she loves the warmth of the sun and even more so, the light it provides for her photos. She currently attends Vincennes University as an Art major with a concentration in photography.

self portrait, (2017).

At the age of twelve her interest in photography became very apparent when she frequently began swiping her mother’s phone when every opportunity rose, to then smuggle it outside and take photos of anything and everything that she considered to be “pretty”. Her love for nature centered photos originates from her adventurous spirit of heart that she has felt all her life. Her love for portraiture came from moving complete counties frequently during her late childhood and meeting many different types of people.

“I like to record everything in it’s unbothered state. I like to take simple actions and gestures and uncover their underlying complexity and beauty.”
"Static" (2016).

She believes each person has a story and is uniquely beautiful in each form. Keali Lynae Carter says, “Each person and day experienced deserves to be celebrated through photography”.

"alabama girl" (2017)
"sweet love" (2017)
"bliss" (2017)
"cotton candy" (2017)
"moo" (2017)
Ella Harris, (2016).
"Clean Slate" (2016).
"kay" (2016).
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Keali Carter

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