Lillian A bit about me


My name is Lillian, and I am in grade ten in high school. At the age of 15, I am the youngest of four children, with my eldest brother being 20 years older than me. My elder sister is married with two children, one boy and one girl. My family is mainly from Hong Kong (but I was born in Canada), so I can understand Cantonese well. I spend most of my time around family, and love to stay home and do nothing.

Hong Kong

Books, Movies, and Music


In terms of reading, I don't do much of it, but when I do, I tend to read comic books or ones with visuals.


Movies that I enjoy to watch almost always are animated films. I love children's animated movies, such as Big Hero 6, How to Train Your Dragon, Coraline, and any Studio Ghibli movie, my favourite being Howl's Moving Castle. I was always a fan on how lighthearted children's movies could be, while still conveying a strong message that could appeal to all audiences.

Big Hero 6:

After losing his brother Tadashi in a fire, Hiro Hamada searches out to find a mysterious figure whom he thinks is behind it all. With his newfound friends and Baymax, Tadashi's school project, they use their knowledge to seek out the figure.

How to Train Your Dragon:

In attempts to impress his father, viking teenager Hiccup finds and injures the legendary "Night Fury." After finding the injured dragon, he nurtures it back to health only to figure out that dragons are kind creatures. He then tries to repair the relationship between vikings and dragons through this newfound friendship.


After moving to a small gloomy town with parents that treat her poorly, Coraline finds a small door in her house. On the other side, she finds a cheerful world with her "other mother," but nothing is as perfect as it seems.

Howl's Moving Castle

After being cursed to appear as an old lady forever by a witch, Sophie, a young hatter, leaves home. She seeks the wizard Howl to break this curse set on her, and make many interesting discoveries on the way.


My favourite genre of music would be Korean Pop music, or K-Pop. Certain groups that I like would be Seventeen and Astro. I tend to like more upbeat and happy songs, which is the energy that these two groups give off. Other artists that I like who aren't kpop artists would be Troye Sivan, who I have been listening to since I was in grade 7.

I love to listen to Astro's "Confession" during dull days, since they give an energy that is extremely bright and uplifting. many of them are very young as well, so it feels like an encouraging push when I listen to their songs.

"Fools" is definitely one of my favourite songs by Troye Sivan. I can't seem to explain exactly why, but to me, it is far more powerful than his other songs, while telling a part of a story in his trilogy "Blue Neighbourhood." He also has a very gentle voice, which further compliments the music.

My Hobbies

What I enjoy to do in my spare time is listen to music, watch anime, and draw.

My favourite anime / Manga

My favourite anime this season would probably be Kobayashi-san Chi no Dragon Maid. It is very light-hearted and cheerful, and serves as a good cure for a bad day.

One of my favourite anime/ manga of all time would be D.Gray-Man. It is the story about a young exorcist Allen walker, who is fighting off the evil named the Akuma, Noah, and the Millennium Earl. It is an action filled and dramatic series, while also filled with comedy to lift up the mood.

A poster of the second season of D.Gray-Man, named D.Gray-Man Hallow.

My Favourite artist

My personal favourite artist would be Dahui Wang (王大輝). He goes by the name daifei on tumblr, and is currently in school for animation. Although he does show his animation projects, I much prefer his illustrations. They seem very tranquil and calm, while his animation is still rather rusty. I personalize many of my things with his art, including my phone and laptop.


"Can you see me where I stand? The memories of my past still linger; the flowers of my guilt shroud my vision, holding me back as I wander, uncertain, along the path."

"Where shall I go?"

This is my current background on my laptop

"a little piece of home"

"home is where the heart grows"

This is my current laptop's lockscreen

"until morning"

"..i'll wait for you"

This was my previous wallpaper on my phone.

"welcome home

"Even now, it feels as though nothing's changed." "

This is my current wallpaper on my phone.

I hope through this website you have learned more about myself and what I enjoy, and thank you for reading till the end.


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