Nicaragua Dakota Triller

The population in Nicaragua is not the biggest in the world. There population is 6.13 million people and is 110th rank in the world. There is 132 people per square mile and that isn't very crowded. The world rank is 159th in the world.

This is Managua the most biggest city in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is in the Northern Hemispere and in the Western Hemisphere

The country's bordering Nicaragua is Honduras, Costa Rica, Alantic Ocean, and Pacific Ocean.

This is Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua. The coordinates of Managua is 11 s and 85 w.

Nicaragua is a tropical place near 0 degrees and is warm and dry all year. The seasons are based on rainfall. Nicaragua has wet and dry seasons.

Nicaragua is mostly below sea level and has mountains.

There is also a lake up north in Nicaragua on the border of Panama.

Nicaragua is a developing because the GDP per capita is lower than $30,000 and Nicaragua has $4,500 GDP per capita. The life expectancy of Nicaragua is 72 yrs and is close but the life expectancy of a devoloped country is 78 yrs.

Nicaragua is mostly Spanish and Miskito but Nicaragua is also Mestizo and English. The most popular religion is Roman Catholic.

Nicaragua is mostly Spanish and they eat mostly Spanish foods. Nicaraguans eat corn, Arroz a la plancha, carne pinchada, and some other foods. Arroz a la plancha is grilled rice and carne pinchada is pricked meat. Some weird foods that are weird in American culture is a goat that is put on a spit (or a pig) and they twirl on the spit on a fire.


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