Sedimentary Rocks

"Sedimentary rocks are formed by the deposition and cementation of that material at the Earth's surface and in bodies of water"

Three main types of sedimentary rocks include; Clastic, Chemical, and Organic

Sedimentary rocks are typically found when sand, mud, and pebbles get laid down in layers. Eventually, these layers are squished under more layers.
sedimentary rocks occur through weathering and cementing

Metamorphic Rocks

"A metamorphic rock is when a rock has been altered by extreme heat and pressure."

Two types of metamorphic rocks include: Foliated and Non-Foliated

They can be found deep inside the Earth through pressure and heating by magma.
metamorphic rock occur with melting and breaking down

Igneous Rocks

"Igneous rocks is created through cooling and solidification of lava or magma."

Two types of igneous rocks include: Intrusive and Extrusive

Extrusive rocks are formed surface while intrusive rocks are formed below the surface.
the formation of igneous rocks using magma

Location Map

location of each rock

Tools used in Geology

rock hammer
hand lens
acid bottle
pencil magnet
retractable knife
field notebooks


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