Analyzing Fiction By Mitch Wortham


Goal - Understand the intricacies of fiction writing.

Objective - Students will identify the various parts of fiction by dissecting their own favorite stories.

W.9-10.1 - Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts, using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence

Essential Question

Do the elements of fiction influence your enjoyment or understanding of a story?

Check out these various websites to help you understand the elements of fiction (all of which you will identify within one of your favorite stories), including:

  • Plot
  • Setting
  • Characters
  • Point of View
  • Style
  • Theme

Check out the following websites and use them to help you write down the various elements of fiction present in your favorite stories.

Write them out in your students blogs and title the knew text appropriately. Each answer should be at least 2 sentences long and concise.

Students will be graded on both completion and accuracy of term-usage (i.e. having the correct definition for the right element of fiction). Each term is worth 2 pts and will be graded out of 15 total pts.

Websites for your various searching needs!

Look for certain keywords by using the following link. This should help you find some helpful and useful information about your story and the various terms.

The following links will take you to various websites that go into detail about what the specific elements of fiction are and how to identify them within your selected works.

Be sure to message me if you have any questions!


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