KNB313 - Assignment 2, Wk 8 Learning Pathway

Week 8 Task

This week you will begin the process of outlining how you are going to address your chosen issue for your 3rd year production. You have already explained why the issue is relevant to your production (week 6), and you have completed some investigation (week 7). Now it's time to focus on your plan for what you would actually DO to address the issue in your production. Obviously, your plan is going to be specific to your production and the issue you are addressing. Over the next 5 weeks, you are going to write 300 words each week on specific topics.

Write 300 words that outline the questions you need to ask about the issue and why do you need to ask these specific questions? Remember, to undertake critical inquiry well, you need to know what questions to ask, and why you should ask these questions.

Broad example: If my production is a documentary about children with disabilities, and my issue is 'ethics', I might ask questions like: 1) What are the ethical implications of interacting with children with disabilities. 2) How can I find out more about children with disabilities and how to interact with them, whilst making a documentary? 3) Who in our team should be responsible for finding this information? 4) Once we have the information, how can we ensure everyone in the team is well informed? And so on... You should have about 6 questions, with a good explanation about why you should ask this question.


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