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Rosa Liarte Alcaine

IT Coordinator, Geography and History Teacher

Junta de Andalucía, Spain

Rosa Liarte Alcaine has a degree in History and she is a Geography and History teacher at a secondary public school at the Junta de Andalucía, Spain. She is the IT coordinator at IES Eduardo Janeiro, Apple Education Trainer, Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Innovator, Google Trainer, as well as an ambassador of educational apps such as: Book Creator, Explain Everything, Touchcast, Flipgrid, BrainPop or Evernote, thanks to the work that she performed in the classroom with their students. She loves to use the technology in the classroom, she uses the flipped classroom and project-based learning with her students. She shares everything on social media. You can learn about her work at leccionesdehistoria.com, and the use of new technologies in the classroom on her blog rosaliarte.com.

Follow her latest project with her students at merezcounacalle.com #womendeserveastreet about the equality of the sexes. Rosa asks questions while working for gender equality and impacting society: How many streets are named after men in Spain? How many after women? More than 100 teachers are implementing the project in Spain with more than 300 town halls. Discover Rosa's online courses at: academiaparaprofes.com.

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Keita Arai

Art Teacher and ICT, Sagami Women's University Junior and Senior High School

Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan

Keita Arai designs creative curricula and lesson plans for junior and senior high school students. Keita guides students towards in graphic and fine art creation, design and idea creation, tech and Visual expression. Keita is also enthusiastic about connecting the classroom to the world, and in 2019 realized a remote class that connects Japan and Antarctica by satellite relay. Creativity is necessary to bring about innovation in education. For that purpose, we will utilize Adobe tools.

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Rollan Banez

Co-Founder and Training Director, Creative Nation Academy Corp


Rollan Banez has reached over one million students, teachers, and creative professionals through instructional sessions and workshops. Rollan advocates for creativity through technology, and has helped build the #CreativeNation organization, engaging students with product updates, new innovations, and technologies.

Rollan is the Founder of the Adobe Creative Educator Philippines group, with over 2,500+ active educators, helping to build valuable content for global education, remote learning and professional development. Adobe Certified Expert and instructor of Adobe software applications.

  • Adobe Certified Expert - Design Master and Specialist
  • Adobe Certified Expert / Instructor / Creative Insider Ambassador
  • CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer +
  • 4th place in the Adobe Education Exchange Leaderboard

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Jorge Barrigon

Teacher and Trainer, Mexico

Adobe products and teaching are Jorge's passion. Jorge Barrigon teaches Adobe product courses to university staff, advertising agencies, design offices, government agencies, printing companies, designers and photographers. Jorge also works as a freelance instructor and collaborates with training centers. Jorge has collaborated as an Acrobat DC and Adobe Sign consultant for Adobe in Latin America.

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AJ Barse

Instructional Technologist, Western Washington University

Bellingham, Washington, USA

AJ Barse is an award winning and world traveling photographer, as well as an Instructional Technologist for Western Washington University (WWU) in the Pacific Northwest. With a background in K-12 teaching, higher education, and ed-technology, his experience has forged a belief that technology can be a tool to support teaching and learning, but that tools alone do not make effective teaching.

AJ is an active content creator, and has several current productions including the Bellingham Podcast, The Analog Explorer project, and his ed-tech productions as The Digital Alchemist at WWU. Before coming back to academia, he served as the Communication Director for the Lummi Nation where he took on the role as editor-in-chief of the Squol Quol newspaper as well as the host and creator of Lummi Nation Podcast Radio (LNPR) during the early years of podcasting.

As an educator, AJ has taught for Northwest Indian College as well as for WWU-Extended Education. He has published and presented on a wide range of edtech topics; predominately advocating for digital literacy in media creation, and technology tools to enhance overall transference of learning.




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Jomarc E. Baquirain

Technology Teacher and Evangelist, Philippines

Jomarc E. Baquiran is a passionate mechanical design engineer, creativity and technology evangelist. One of Jomarc's top missions is to influence and inspire young students to take up STEAM professions in the near future. In addition, he is an Autodesk Expert Elite, Autodesk Certified Instructor, LinkedIn Advocate, BIM Advocate, and leads one of the largest Adobe Educator communities in the Philippines.

Lastly, he is an e-learning author with courses in Pluralsight, Udemy, Skillshare and LinkedIn Learning.

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Dr. Hulda Black

Associate Professor, Illinois State University

Hulda is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Illinois State University in Normal, IL. Hulda obtained her Ph.D. Marketing from the University of Kentucky in the Spring of 2011. Prior to pursuing her Ph.D., Dr. Black worked in the health club industry for four years. Hulda’s teaching interests include Integrated Marketing Communication, Creative Strategy & Design, Digital Marketing and Sport Marketing. Over the past few years, Dr. Black has become involved with the Adobe community, both in and outside of her classes. She has a passion to help her students separate themselves from the pack by enhancing their applicable business skills outside of the classroom.

Hulda loves being involved with the Adobe community. Most recently she has enjoyed continued development through the Adobe Education Exchange, Faculty Creative Jams, Student Creative Jams, Creative Campus Events, and the Adobe Faculty Development Institute. Outside of academia, Hulda loves anything active. She has biked (e.g. 2-wheeled pedal bike) from coast-to-coast across the United States. In Fall 2017, Hulda was an Ironman Triathlon Finisher, which involved a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run, all in 12 ½ hours. She is also a former collegiate tennis player and 5-time marathon finisher.

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Cami Bosschaert

Teacher, College Howest Belgium at Kortrijk


Cami Bosschaert has been active in the advertising and communication industry for more than 6 years. There she had different roles going from webdesigner, user experience designer, information architect to project manager. Cami has worked for several clients in the region of Flanders and Brussels in Belgium. Since 2018 she is a teacher at the College Howest (Belgium) at Kortrijk, part of the design school KASK conservatory Ghent. As a teacher in the Bachelor Digital Design and Development (aka Devine) Cami teaches in the courses Design and Research. Teaching the design principles for a digital product, using the Adobe Tools (Photoshop, Illustrator and Xd) to coaching and guiding students in their personal creative projects. In the Research classes she is a mentor and practitioner of the fundamentals in primary and secondary research. Helping and guiding the students with their interviews and observations of target audiences in the most ethical way. With the years of experience with professional clients and specifically within the area of design thinking, service design and user research.

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Kev Bradshaw

Creative Learning Specialist, HSDC South Downs

Hampshire, United Kingdom

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Elaine Cavalheiro

Educator and Engineer, NGO Pratiquecologia Social-environmental projects


Elaine Cavalheiro earned her Bachelor's degree for Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, and works at NGO Pratiquecologia as project manager of social-environmental and technological projects. Elaine holds over 15 years of experience in engineering projects and immersive educational experiences in partnership with Adobe Foundation and education programs. Elaine serves as Geo-regional Lead Portuguese Coordinator with the TakingITGlobal Organization for education. Elaine is trained in Social Entrepreneurship, Water Resources Management, Urban Planning and Environment and Educational Technology.

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Ashley Coffman

M.Ed., Educational Technology Trainer, Mansfield ISD

Texas, United States

Ashley Coffman is a dedicated educator with over 17 years of experience in education, six as a high school technology teacher and the past 11 as an Educational Technology Trainer in Mansfield ISD. Working closely with K-12 educators across the district, she strives to transform teaching and empower learning through the innovative integration of technology that promotes creativity, collaboration, and active learning. Her experience includes establishing a district-wide robotics program, creating multimedia content for marketing and instructional purposes, and designing and implementing professional development for campus and district technology initiatives. She loves everything tech but her true passions are STEM and graphic design. Ashley has presented at multiple national, state, and local conferences, sharing her ideas, experiences, and passion with other educators. She graduated from Trinity University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and earned her Master’s in Educational Leadership from Lamar University.

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Spencer Christensen

Education Enthusiast and Problem-Solver

Clinical Lecturer for the Organization Learning & Performance Department, Idaho State University

Spencer is a clinical lecturer for the Organization Learning & Performance department at Idaho State University. Spencer teaches courses for future career and technical education teachers including how to integrate Adobe into their professional practice. Prior to working at ISU, Spencer taught high school for 6 years where he taught Digital Communications courses (computer applications, web, video, and graphics), advised the student group BPA, and worked in the Create Idaho program.

Spencer graduated from Idaho State University in December 2014 with a B.S. in Secondary Education and earned his teaching certificate in Business Technology Education, Economics, and Spanish. He later earned his Master's of Education in Secondary Education from ISU in December 2018. Before shifting to the role of local chapter advisor, Spencer participated in Business Professionals of America (BPA) as a member for 7 years and filled various leadership positions including Fall Conference Chair, Chapter President, National Postsecondary Secretary/Treasurer, and National Postsecondary Vice-President. Spencer is active and serves in Idaho Business Education Association (IBEA). For the 2015-2016 school year, he served as Secretary. From 2016 to 2019, he served through a rotation of President-Elect, President, and Past President. Currently, Spencer serves as the organization's conference chair. On top of working in education, Spencer enjoys outdoor activities and finding time to work on personal creative projects. Spencer's main goal as an educator is to help each of his students get the right experience they need for their own personal and professional growth.

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Paul Cifone

Media Teacher, ELTHAM College

Melbourne, Australia

Paul Cifone has had over 20 years of teaching experience as well as running his own Graphic Design Company for a number of years. He is currently teaching across Years 5-12 and all subjects have a strong Multimedia and Design focus, a range of Adobe products are used to assist students in creating animations, movies, websites, magazines and print media. Paul also spends time with various teaching departments ensuring they have the knowledge and confidence to use a range of Adobe products in their classrooms. Finally, Paul has represented Adobe in Australia at a variety of Digital Technology Conferences and various school workshops run by Dr. Tim Kitchen called “Injecting Creativity into the classroom with Adobe”.

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Kellie Drzayich

Art Teacher, West Jr. High School, Boise School District

Boise, Idaho, USA

Kellie Drzayich is an art education teacher at West Jr. High School, in the Boise School District. Kellie holds a decade of experience teaching as an art, media technology, and yearbook teacher. Technology and creativity have consistently been a passion when working with Adobe applications. First, Kellie worked as a graphic designer, utilizing her degree before earning her M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction in Teaching from Northwest Nazarene University. She enjoys working with students and watching them grow as they learn industry standard skills.

Kellie is CTE Career and Technology Education Certified, and currently working towards an ISTE certification.

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Heidi Esplin

CTE Media Teacher, Venture High School

Syracuse, Utah

Heidi Esplin is currently teaching digital arts, digital design (media), 3D animation, and photography at Venture High School in Marriott-Slaterville, Utah. Heidi has always had a love for art and creativity, and when she discovered Adobe Photoshop while in college she quickly developed a passion for graphic design. Which directly led to her getting a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design from Weber State University. While being a wife and mother to three beautiful girls, working for a credit union and freelancing in Graphic Design, she felt like something was missing. She strongly desired a career that challenged her and helped make a difference, big or small. Then eight years ago she decided to become a teacher and ultimately earned her Masters in Secondary Education through Utah State University. Heidi loves design, however she also enjoys hiking & camping in the mountains, traveling, reading, and running. She is a very passionate person, who has an extensive background in digital arts and a love for education, which makes her a well-rounded educator in her field. Because she has a passion for knowledge and Adobe, she continues to learn and keeps herself up-to-date with the latest technology and updates on Adobe programs. As an Adobe Educator she is excited to continue developing her abilities and talents as well as share her knowledge and inspire her Venture students.

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Takashi Fukushi

Nakaminato High School Japan

Takashi Fukushi is a business teacher at Nakaminato high school. Nakaminato high school is a traditional school which is 120 years old. He teaches lessons with Adobe CC to develop students who contribute to the community.

His students have teamed up with local companies by joining events, and developing and designing products. He also helps them join contests to help them find issues they are passionate about, and encouraging a positive and creative attitude towards them.

Monique Gaudin

Project Facilitator, Career and Technical Education for Clark County School District

Las Vegas, Nevada

Monique Gaudin is a Project Facilitator in Career & Technical Education for the Clark County School District, in Las Vegas, Nevada, taking point on CTE data, assessments, online professional development, software integrations, workplace readiness skills, and a direct support for all teachers and students in the Information and Media Technologies programs of study. Additionally, in the private sector she runs her own multimedia production company and regularly performs as a magic assistant. A bi-lingual (Danish-English) Who Dat (New Orleans Saints fan) world traveler, Monique is most at home behind a camera, book, computer, or in the never ending quest of knowledge to master new tools of the multimedia and eLearning trades, and to one day earn the title of a Unicorn, one who designs, creates and debugs.

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Rens Geubbels

Motion Graphics and Animation Teacher, Sint Lucas


Rens is an experienced Motion Graphic Educator/Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry. Skilled in Graphics, Film and Animation. After working as a freelance designer and teacher since 2008, he started his current position at SintLucas Eindhoven (NL) as Educator in Film and Animation in 2017. His mission is to give his students a solid foundation in Adobe software. Through enticing assignments that leave room for creatorship, his goal is to solidify his students’ basic skills and workflow in a playful manner. Currently he’s developing video tutorials on Adobe Software in Dutch to provide quality instructions to students in their native language.

He’s excited to join the AEL program and looking forward to being inspired as well as to inspire others.

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Don Goble

Multimedia Instructor, Ladue High School

St. Louis, Missouri

Don Goble is an award-winning Multimedia Instructor at Ladue High School in St. Louis, MO. Don advises LHS-TV & Films (LHSTV.net) and has published numerous digital media resources for students and educators all over the world. Don is an Apple Distinguished Educator who speaks internationally at education conferences, conventions, and provides professional development workshops and webinars, offering educators innovative ways to incorporate video, multimedia, and media literacy into the classroom. The National Journalism Education Association named Don as their Broadcast Adviser of the Year 2015. Connect with Don at DonGoble.com or on Twitter @dgoble2001.

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Victor Gonzalez

Spanish Teacher, IT Teacher and Author, International School of Bremen, Open University of Catalonia

Niedersachsen, Germany

Victor has been teaching Modern Languages and IT for over 20 years. He has also conducted workshops and seminars for language and IT teachers at international level. His interests lie in the fields of language curriculum and materials design through innovative digital tools. He has closely worked with The Educational Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS) as the Chair of the World Languages Special Interest Group (SIG) and is the author of the specially-commissioned instructional materials designed by ECIS and Spokes Education with the e-learning program Articulate 360.

Victor is an official International Baccalaureate® Language B examiner and a subject leader in IT Competencies in Translation, Interpretation and Applied Languages at UOC (Open University of Catalonia) focusing on G Suite for Education and top translation software tools. He also teaches IT and Spanish at the International School of Bremen. His publications include articles for IS Magazine, Global Insights, Catalonia Today, El Punt Avui and Spanish textbooks for Cambridge University Press (Panorama Hispanohablante book 1 and 2 and Cambridge IGCSE Spanish as a Foreign Language) as well as blog articles for Cambridge University Press Education. In addition to being an Adobe Education Trainer, Victor is also a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and ECIS Workshop Leader: Hamburg, Lisbon, Barcelona, Copenhagen,

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Rebecca Hagen

Graphic Designer, Author, Adjunct Professor

Zimmerman School of Advertising and Mass Communications, University of South Florida

Rebecca Hagen is a 20-year visual communications problem solver who leverages knowledge of color, typesetting, typography, imagery and layout to effectively convey client messages. As Principal of Sky Lake Design Studio, she has served as creative director, art director, consultant and lead designer on client projects in Higher Education, Healthcare, Law, Public Affairs and the Non-Profit sphere.

In addition to running her design firm, Rebecca is the co-author of a a popular beginning designer’s textbook. “White Space is Not Your Enemy: A Beginner’s Guide to Communicating Visually through Graphic, Web and Multimedia Design,” has been adopted for use in Mass Communications departments across the United States, and has been translated into five languages. A fourth edition is planned for 2021.

Rebecca teaches graphic design courses in the Zimmerman School of Advertising and Mass Communication at the University of South Florida. Her teaching interests include visual literacy, visual communication, typography and typesetting and logo design.

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Chelsy Hooper

Instructional Technology Specialist, Auburn University

Auburn, Alabama

With 19 years of classroom experience and 15 years of technology integration experience, Chelsy Hooper works with students and faculty daily to help them incorporate multimedia into their assignments, research, and presentations. She has presented at the International Society for Technology in Education, the Future of Educational Technology Conference, Auburn University, on topics including “How Can I Use Adobe Creative Cloud in My Courses?”, “Digital Design: Increasing Student Engagement with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Spark”, “Tech Coach Academy”, “Twitter in the Classroom #amazing”, and “Makerspace in the Curriculum”. Currently an Instructional Technology Specialist at Auburn University, she coordinates workshops, programs and events to promote the implementation of Adobe Creative Cloud on campus and beyond. Passionate about developing students’ digital literacy and professional growth for educators. Collaboration and innovation catalyst. War Eagle!

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Maria Moraima Jacobacci

Digital Media & Design Teacher, K12

Buenos Aires, Argentina

My name is María Moraima Jacobacci I have a degree in Sound and Image Design (filmmaking) from Buenos Aires University with an strong background in Graphic Design and Fine Arts which are my passion as well. I’m originally from Corrientes, a lovely town located on the northeast of Argentina, but I’ve lived in Buenos Aires for more than 20 years now. For several years I worked in advertising agencies as casting producer and camera assistant, in independent filmmaking productions as Art Director, also as Technical Gear and human resources coordinator at an important production company and at a local TV network as production assistant as well.

In 2006, I got an scholarship from Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, Buenos Aires University to take the Digital Design Postgraduate Program. To complete my final thesis and research in the evolution of audiovisual language, I was awarded by the National Fond of Arts in 2008. From that time I’ve been very passionate about new media arts investing my time in learning and researching as much as I can.

Since 2011 I’ve been working at Belgrano Day School a K-12 bilingual private English school as a Digital Designer developing different institutional projects and as Digital Media Design Teacher in Senior 5 and Senior 6 levels in High School. During all this years my main aim has been include design and creativity in all areas of the institution fostering ¨Design Thinking¨ and ¨Media Literacy¨ as a pedagogical methodology. To do so, I coordinate different interdisciplinary projects where I collaborate with language, history, math, science, physical education, arts, English, Spanish teachers from all levels at school. Also since 2014 I’m an active expositor at Interfaces UP, an International annual Creativity, Design and Communication Conference for Teachers organized by Palermo University.

Moreover, I train kindergarten, primary and secondary school teachers in the implementation and use of Adobe Creative Cloud Tools. In addition, I’m responsible of the the Adobe License administration and implementation throughout the institution, bringing technical support and assistance for teachers and students.

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Jeff Jorge

Academy of the Pacific Rim

Hyde Park, Massachusetts

Jeff Jorge actually was a member of the Adobe Education team, and he left three years ago to go back into the classroom. He has been teaching middle school Mathematics and STEAM in the San Francisco Unified School District and is moving to Boston this summer to join the Academy of the Pacific Rim in Hyde Park. Jeff has focused on creating authentic learning experiences for his students where they produce learning artifacts with purpose. The outcomes have ranged from creating websites with Adobe Spark to raise awareness about social justice issues, to creating data visualizations, to creating marketing materials for student-designed and student-led businesses.

Today, Jeff seeks to amplify students’ voices and power so that they can take action against oppression and social injustices that they face. Giving them access to digital tools like Adobe’s Creative Cloud, and time to learn how to use them, is a critical piece of these efforts because every campaign, PSA, and call-to-action is more impactful when it looks beautiful and professional. Youth around the world are powerful, they have brilliant ideas, and they have incredible stories. Jeff believes that with Adobe tools, our students can help us design, envision, and create a more equitable world.

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Regina John Luan

Multimedia Digital Media Lecturer, Central Queensland University, Bendaberg

Queensland, Australia

Regina John Luan is the digital media lecturer at Central Queensland University’s Bundaberg campus. After spending two decades working as a Multimedia/Digital Media lecturer in Australia and Internationally, Regina knows the power of digital technology and how it transforms into every aspect of an individual life. Regina is an experienced Professional Master Trainer back in Malaysia for the Smart School Technology program. The program that enables School teachers to embed digital technology into their lesson plans. Regina has been actively promoting and educating Digital Technology in her community through yearly free workshop for high school teachers and students. As a result of that she was appointed as Queensland Community Digital Champion Champions in 2019. As a lecturer, she is responsible for teaching and producing some of the units in the Bachelor of Digital Media degree program such as mobile application development and interactive animation for games. She also teaches game Design and development, digital video and audio and visual storytelling, Digital print and programming. She is currently doing research in technology-assisted authentic learning in digital media courses in higher education, which inspires her to share her ideas about how to use technology in education.

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Shin Kiyasu



A manager of PBL development Section in DWANGO Co., Ltd. and in charge of PBL program design for N HIGH SCHOOL of KADOKAWA DWANGO educational corporation. Through the program, “PROJECT N”, his team provides many creative opportunities to the students utilizing Adobe products. The lessons are built upon “Active Learning” method and have been created in collaboration with a number of various enterprises in Japan.

Ian Klapper

Technology Integrator, City and Country School, New York

New York City, United States

Ian Klapper has been an educator for over 25 years. He has a varied background in digital design, animation, film, and acting. He is the Technology Integrator/Technology Teacher at the City and Country School in New York City. He works with students and teachers to create 2D and 3D projects that are virtual, analog, and sometimes both. He enjoys helping students and teachers to find the technologies that will best help them to actualize what they would like to create. Ian is a masterful developer of collaborative curriculum with a particular interest in Virtual and Augmented Reality. He has taught a variety of workshops in 3D printing, design, and media arts.

Mr. Klapper is a graduate of Parsons School of Design.

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Ritsuko Kurihara

Associate Professor, Asahikawa University Faculty of Health and Welfare Science

Department of Health and nursing Hokkaido, Japan

Ritsuko Kurihara teaches homecare nursing at Asahikawa University. Ritsuko is an adviser to the Japanese calligraphy circle and we uses Adobe Spark to introduction her club activities to the community. Ritsuko has received her Master of Science in Nursing degree from the Yamagata University Faculty of Medicine Graduate School of Nursing. Ritsuko has published originals in the Journal of The Japanese Association of Rural Medicine and has received a Research Encouragement Award in 2005.

Elizabeth Lewis

Digital Learning Specialist Technology Coach, Jordan School District

Jordan, Utah

I have worked in Education for over 20 years. For the last 3 years, I have been working with teachers to integrate technology in their classrooms and to explore best practices in online learning. With support from my leadership, I took what I learned as a school level coach and expanded my program to the whole district. We currently have a part-time Digital Teacher Leader at every school through the efforts of my team. I provide training and support to teachers from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Because of my love for Adobe, I was tasked to do training district-wide for Adobe. I was able to support 17 people as they successfully went through the Adobe Campus Leader Program. I have very high hopes for my district going forward.

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Red Madden

Undergrad Higher Education Curricula Developer

University of Texas, San Antonio

I was born in Austin, TX as Marina Lori Herring, but most of my life I've been called RED, after my grandfather, Red Herring—most of the time when I had gotten myself into mischief. I'm a Texas Daughter of design, media and music. From an early age I was surrounded my musicians, artists, historians, educators and of course the Longhorns and the Cowboys. Coming of age as a theater and choir nerd, heavily influenced by my father, a touring Country & Western Texas musician and my mother, a teacher, visual artist and graphic designer—I was exposed to music and performance early and used Adobe as a teenager, when the first version of Photoshop hit the shelf for designers like my mom. As an undergrad, I studied liberal and fine arts, RTVF, multimedia, and communication design, completing a BFA in 2003 from Texas State. Being very involved with the local music industry, throughout my college career, I programmed, produced and hosted my own broadcast-radio music show, "Red Herring's Romper Room.”

Before becoming an educator, I worked in marketing and advertising as a creative professional until 2008, when I took an adjunct position at a small career school—teaching set my heart on fire! I left the industry and enrolled in the School of Communication Arts at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD.) I completed my MFA at SCAD and have been teaching in Higher Ed ever since. I've served as faculty at both private and public institutions including the Art Institutes of Houston, University of Texas at Austin, and my current institution the University of Texas at San Antonio—Roadrunner Nation; I started at UTSA in 2013, and we became an official Adobe Creative Campus in Fall 2019.

My design perspectives continue to evolve beyond graphic design & media production into more contemporary examinations of UXD, strategic communication and visual rhetoric; my MFA thesis was accomplished during the 2012 Barack Obama national campaign and election, and was titled, "Own your Vote;" it exhibited and explored developing ideas of political graphic design and visual persuasion—these topics remain relevant in 2020.

Visual communication has expanded into focused contexts of media making, customer-generated content marketing, project-based learning & design teaching methods for generalists, as well as instructional design for the social sciences of consumer behaviors, brand awareness and “mood marketing” in the social media construct. I'm also very interested in developing new curricula in new areas of AR content creation for strategic communication campaigns that include research topics of data-driven creative as they relate to empirical aesthetics. I’m currently a full-time lecturer in the UTSA Dept. Of Communication in the College of Liberal and Fine Arts and serve as my department’s Internship Coordinator, as well as UTSA’s Faculty Advisor on Record for the American Advertising Federation (AAF) College Chapter at UTSA, and for the Adobe Student Ambassadors at UTSA.

To learn more, visit my teacher blog.

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Aaron Manfull

Secondary Education, Francis Howell North High School

St. Charles, Missouri

Aaron Manfull is the director of student media at Francis Howell North High School in St. Charles, Missouri. There, he oversees the student newsmagazine, web and video programs and works with the school’s yearbook staff as well. He’s the Digital Media Chair for the Journalism Education Association, overseeing JEADigitalMedia.org, a site geared to help journalism students and advisers around the world with their digital journeys. Aaron and his wife Kate run Media Now (MediaNow.press), online and summer training for high school journalism students and advisers.

Aaron has earned numerous honors during his 22 years of teaching ranging from being named the National High School Journalism Teacher of the Year by the Dow Jones News Fund to earning a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Journalism Education Association.

Aaron and his wife have two children (13y and 10y).

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Jorge Mochon

Instructor, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia

Valencia, Espania

Jorge Mochón is a VFX supervisor, composer, and film, digital video, and workflow consultant. He is a Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop Adobe Certified Instructor, and BlackMagic Design Training Partner. He has created more than 80 Adobe video application courses for Linkeding Learning in the Spanish Language. He usually conducts workshops and conferences on workflow, postproduction, and nonlinear editing in television, production companies, and universities, in Spain, Latin America, and Brazil. His clients include Sony Pictures Entertainment, RCN, Cinemateca Distrital in Colombia, Metrovisión, UNICEN, SAE, EDA, Pegsa, in Argentina - to name a few.

In addition, he participates as speaker at numerous international events Campus Party, New European media, Adobenvivo, Adobehispano, AdobeCamp Ecuador, Adobelink, Festival de Cine Global Dominicano, Festival de Cine de Villa de Leyva. He is a professor of postproduction and workflow at the prestigious school of cinema in Cuba EICTV; at the Dominican Film Commission and Chavón Film School in Dominican Republic; at ESPOL, Postgraduate Postproduction, Guayaquil, Ecuador; at the Technical University of Valencia, and of the Masters in Editing and Digital Post-production at CENTA in Donosti.

Previously, he taught in the postgraduate program of New Trends and Innovation Processes in Communication; at the Universitat Jaume I de Castellón and in the Master program of Audiovisual Postproduction at the Universidad Abat Oliba CEU in Barcelona. He currently divides his time between training and postproduction. He supervised the postproduction of The Enigma of the Croquette Boy; by Pablo Llorens, which won the Goya 2005 for Best Animated Short Film, and he supervised the postproduction of “Claykids” in 2016. Recently he has supervised the postproduction of Julia; Gilbert and L’Estudi series for TV.

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Masato Naritomi

Nakaminato High School Teacher / Commercial Department Chief

Tokai, Ibaraki, Japan

Masato Naritomi considers business management to be a new way of learning commerce. Students understand how the shop business is run and how profitable it is. You will learn how to create a business plan. Use Adobe Creative Tools as a necessary skill for presentations. I think that students will learn practically and happily.

Avonn Nova

Academic Transformation Head, Thames International School


Avonn ambitiously promotes a creative mindset and understanding through the Philippine Education System. Avonn is the former President of the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators National Capital Region Chapter. He is also a member of the Game Developers Association of the Philippines, the Philippine Software Industry Association, and the Computer Science Teachers Association.

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William Oesch

Columbiana County Career and Technical Center Lisbon, Ohio

Interactive Multimedia Instructor Co-Public Relations Coordinator

William is starting his 16th year at the Columbiana County Career and Technical Center (CCCTC). For the last ten years, he has held the position Interactive Multimedia Instructor in which he instructs 11th and 12th grade students in the areas of Graphic Design, Animation, Video Productions, Photography, Illustration, 3D Modeling, and Business-related concepts with a focus on Entrepreneurship. Recently, his career and technical lab has moved into the Game Design and Virtual Reality landscape. William’s passion is teaching and loves that Adobe is the pivotal tool that helps his students’ imagination be heard. William’s career and technical lab continues to grow each year and consistently has a waiting list for incoming juniors. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. He also enjoys reading, writing, and spending time on his creative projects in film and illustration.

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Zachary Ordonez

Adjunct Instructor, Weber State University

Utah, United States

Zachary Ordonez is a visual artist and educator. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami double majoring in Motion Pictures and Studio Art Photography and an M.F.A. in Creative Photography from the University of Florida. He has taught photography courses at the university level since 2010 using both traditional and digital processes. Within his personal practice, Zachary uses digital photography and video to explore the subtleties as well as overt expressions of human behavior. His artwork is primarily based on ephemeral moments and chance encounters with people in public spaces that he can observe and record.

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Dr. Geah Pressgrove

Associate Professor, Advertising and Public Relations Program Chair, Reed College of Media

West Virginia University, United States

Geah Pressgrove teaches introductory, skills and advanced courses in the advertising/public relations program at the Reed College of Media at West Virginia University. Pressgrove is also the faculty advisor for the award-winning WVU PRSSA chapter and Program Chair. Her published and in-progress research focuses on understanding factors impacting relationships with stakeholders in the public interest communication context; exploring the role of digital communication in relationship management; and improving public relations education, theory, and practice. Her work has been published in refereed journals including Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Journal of Public Relations Research, Public Relations Review, Journal of Promotion Management, and Journal of Applied Communication Research. Pressgrove earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising from Western Kentucky University. She completed her master’s in integrated communications, and her Ph.D. in mass communications at the University of South Carolina. She has more than 15 years professional agency and freelance experience working with diverse clients including nonprofits, foundations, corporations, entertainment properties, municipal governments, political campaigns, and healthcare organizations.

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Erin Raethke

Online Learning & Media Developer, TAFE Queensland


Erin Raethke's passion is the creation of cohesive and meaningful suites of learning and teaching resources based on the principles of Applied Learning for adult education. Her day job involves working towards this goal for the professional development of staff at TAFE Queensland. Workflow in this role includes planning for accessibility, designing, developing, writing, copy editing, creating and delivering training resources for staff and students. She completes resources end-to-end, from storyboards and scripting, video capture, editing, voice over, credits, to other post-production and maintenance work for multi-modal resources for flexible and self-paced learning. Her skill set allows her to achieve creative and rapid solutions through the use of Graphics, Video Production, Web Conferencing, Instructional Design, Presentation Skills, and HTML coding. As a strong creative education and design professional, she loves opportunities to share, create and learn.

She co-hosts the Adobe Inject Creativity Live Chat Show and Deeper Dive events with Tim Kitchen, and is currently completing a Bachelor of Adult and Applied Learning with a focus on flexible and online content and delivery from University of Tasmania. Her other passions in life include photography, scuba diving, cognitive theory, wellness through mental and physical exercise, and her rescue dog, Boo Boo.

Erin's website and blog: https://www.erinraethke.com/blog

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Michelle Roberts

Senior Advisor Educator Capability, TAFE Queensland

Brisbane, Australia

With over 25 years’ experience in vocational education & training Michelle has an extensive background in a variety of roles within the public and private education and business sectors. Currently employed in learning and development and responsible for delivering and implementing diverse training programs across 11 campuses, responding to business needs as required and working as part of a team to deliver an annual conference for 700 - 1000 educators.

Previous roles have included instructional designer, vocational teacher, director of a registered training organisation and content writer.

Recently, formalizing her skills in eLearning and development, Michelle completed a Vocational Graduate Certificate in Digital Education. Michelle also holds a Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Educator from Griffith University, Brisbane.

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Dan Ross

Director and Instructor, New School Center for Media

Albany, New York

Dan has held many positions in the video world over the last decade including Creative Director, Multi-Media Producer, Cinematographer and Editor. His main passion is in motion graphics. Through his media production company Best Bytes Media, Dan has won several awards including “Best Local Filmmaker” from a recent Metroland poll.

As a Director and Instructor at the New School Center for Media in Albany New York, Dan works closely with his students to produce professional visual content. Because of the constant change in technology and popular trends, Dan’s goal is to deliver cutting edge techniques to students who challenge themselves daily.

Dan loves to learn just as much as he loves to share his knowledge.

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Eric Scholer

Digital Media Instructor, Layton High School

Layton, Utah

Eric Scholer is a Utah High School teacher who specialized in video production, graphic design, and web development. Eric is passionate about teaching students skills and giving them opportunities to express themselves creatively and use the things they have learned outside of the classroom. Some of these opportunities include school video announcements, off-campus commercials for local businesses, state and national competitions, and the annual “True Blue Film Fest” school film festival. Last year he had the opportunity to take a group of students to testify to the Utah State Legislature to get funding for “Create Utah”, a digital literacy initiative by Adobe. Funding was granted and all teachers and secondary students throughout the state of Utah are currently able to download and use the Adobe CC software from home for free.

In addition to teaching, Eric is a freelance creative in the areas of photography, graphic design, video production, and web design. He is a lover of sports, the outdoors, travel, and most of all his wife and two children.

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Simone Spoladori

Teacher of Italian Literature (De Amicis); Semiotic Professor (IED)

Istituti Edmondo De Amicis and Istituto Europed di Design (IED), Milan, Italy

Simone Spoladori teaches Italian and Latin literature at the Edmondo De Amicis Institutes in Milan, where he also carries out training activities for colleagues and students on the use of digital tools in didactics. He teaches semiotics of communication at the European Institute of Design in Milan and Philosophy of Perception at the Officine Fotografiche in Rome. He has a degree in Literature and a degree in Psychology from the University of Pavia. He is an author for radio and TV and was the founder and one of the author of Gli ascoltabili, a platform of original narrative podcasts, for which he edited the successful crime series Demoni urbani.

He is film critic for the American newspaper "La voce di New York" and for "DinamoPress" and essayist for "Doppiozero" and has published a monographic volume on Tim Burton's cinema. He is Associate Partner and communications director of Skills Management Group - communications, storytelling and sustainability training network - and is founder and editorial director of Roger, a narrative podcast and cultural dissemination platform.

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Tanner Smith

Business Technology Teacher

Idaho Falls, Idaho

Tanner Smith is headed towards his 8th year as a Business Technology Education teacher and currently teaches at Idaho Falls High School in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Coming from industry, Tanner discovered he wanted to help today's youth become better citizens by helping them gain the basic, yet vital skills needed to be successful. Always having an interest in graphic design, Tanner was able to start teaching a graphics course during his second year of teaching. After attending Adobe MAX IN 2015, he has helped students to think outside of the box and to be creative. After becoming an educator, Tanner has striven to exceed expectations. He is excited to be joining Adobe Education Leaders and looks forward to being inspired by other AELs in hopes to continue helping inspire his students.

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Ulyssa Smits

Teacher and Curriculum Coordinator, Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam


Ulyssa Smits, teacher and curriculum coordinator at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, where education and the creative industry come together. Innovation, high-standing technology and experimenta- tion are key concepts within our school. I myself greatly value critical problem-solving and thinking out of the box. Every day I challenge students (in the age group of 17-32 years old) to develop his talents, make his own choices and take initiative. As a curriculum coordinator/chairman I am responsible for advising my head of department. Furthermore, I am in charge of coordinating the curriculum content, possible innovations and improvements within our workflow.

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Dr. Karen Sutherland

Lecturer, University of the Sunshine Coast

Queensland, Australia

Dr Karen Sutherland is a social media and public relations educator, researcher and consultant with more than 20 years industry experience in marketing, public relations and communication roles for organisations such as ABCTV, Fremantle Media, and the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. As the Coordinator of the Bachelor of Communication (Social Media) program at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, Dr Sutherland is dedicated to demystifying the technology for local business, community, and nonprofits. Dr Sutherland’s passion also lies in connecting social media students to business-owners from the Sunshine Coast community who seek social media support. Dr Sutherland’s work has been published widely in peer-reviewed journals. She is the co-author of Public Relations and Strategic Communication by Oxford University Press and she is currently writing a book called Strategic Social Media Management - Marketing, Advertising and PR, due for release by Macmillan International Higher Education in 2020. Dr Sutherland has also presented her research at conferences and industry events in Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and Singapore, led Social Media Study Tours to Vietnam, Hong Kong and India and regularly delivers social media workshops and coaching sessions to clients from a range of industries within Australia and internationally.

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Takuya Tonomura

Teacher of engineering & Technology education

Doshisha Junior and Senior High School

Kyoto, Japan

Takuya Tonomura teaches craft, technology and computer science at a private school in Kyoto.ICT promotion person in charge. We are engaged in a wide range of activities from manual wood processing to digital fabrication. I also teach videos, graphics, and Web production. I aim for students to be creative, build their identities and become independent.

Mitsuru Toshima

Lecturer of Japanese Literature, Information Communication Technology Hitachi Industrial Skills Academy

Hitachi-City, Ibaraki, JAPAN

MITSURU TOSHIMA is a Japanese language, company history and information and communication technology teacher at the Hitachi Industrial Skills Academy (HISA). And he is also the head of ICT at that school. Mitsuru has been participating in a project to train professionals in manufacturing for 20 years. In the last 10 years, he has been a driving force behind the introduction of information technology education into HISA, and has been the ICT project leader, responsible for the development of HISA's subjects, infrastructure, and the selection and implementation of PCs. GEG Tsukuba, an ICT group for teachers, has been established and holds regular ICT study meetings with teachers in the neighborhood. They are also introducing 2030SDGs Games, ABD (Active Book Dialogue), Hatenason, Enaged, etc. into education. Awards received from outside the company include the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award at the National Conference for the Presentation of Living Experience (2006) and the Grand Prize at the 3rd Techo-Koshien (2014).

Meenakshi Uberoi

CEO & Founder De Pedagogics

Gurgaon, India

A passionate evangelist, Meenakshi designs curriculum, creates content and leads in professional learning sessions for educators and school leaders leveraging the power of technology in the learning to create innovative, challenging and enriching environments that are conducive to students becoming life-long learners. Working with schools and organizations to design and develop curriculum content, accreditation and affiliation guidance and manage all aspects of curriculum development programs that focus on being student-led inquiry-based learning environments integrating new pedagogy and technology in education in her role as Adobe Campus Leader she has led, hosted and participated in multiple events speaking and inspiring educators, school leaders and students about creating a culture of creativity in classroom using Adobe Spark. Her enthusiasm and innovative ways have inspired many educators to rethink the learning engagements that they design to foster creativity, communication and collaboration. She believes that it is imperative to innovate, create and integrate to succeed in a rapidly changing world of education and that innovation and the ability to collaborate is an investment in the future where technology provides the tools for us to meet the 21st century goals.

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Jeffrey Veit

Art Teacher at Chiemgau-Gymnasium Traunstein

Bayern, Germany

Jeffrey has worked as an art teacher for at Chiemgau-Gymnasium Traunstein since 2015.

Yuji Wada

Chief Teacher, Tokyo Metropolitan Shinjuku Yamabuki High School

Tokyo, Japan

Yuji Wada has been teaching Information Communication Technology, such as programming, computer graphic design, DTP, movie editing, and 3DCG. Yuji engages in PBL with universities, companies and local communities, which encourages students to develop their creativities and improve their self-esteem.

Sonia Wadhwa

Adobe Creative Educator and Ambassador IT Manager and Head of the Department ICT The Sanskaar Valley School

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

A passionate educator with 23+ years of experience in the field of educational technologies Sonia has the experience of teaching diverse curriculums – CBSE, CISCE, Cambridge and State Board. She believes in leveraging technology to empower educators and students. She is an examiner with Cambridge for ICT. She loves to explore new technologies which can be leveraged to make teaching learning more meaningful and productive and then share it with Educators across the globe during her online training sessions to help them utilize the same in their classroom. She has won various National and International awards and have been on Panel in various prestigious forms. During the Covid19, she started a series Tech Sunday to teach a tool on every Sunday to educators to make remote learning more effective. She has not only initiated the culture of creativity in her own school but have also trained about 250+ educators in her state to use Adobe Spark. As an EdTech trainer and STEM Facilitator She believes in the power of digital pedagogies to enhance learning outcomes, empowering student voices and fostering 21st Skills requisites to make students future ready. She has written various Poems and has designed various module to help educators to effectively weave technology into pedagogy. She loves her subject and makes all possible efforts to teach and spread the waves of learning to several students. She uses technology to teach students who are at distant location, takes special classes for less privileged and conduct special remedial classes for those who need help during holidays and long vacations. She consider her major accomplishments in the success of her students who are either pursuing computer science from World’s Best Universities or are placed in best of the companies in IT Industry.

Her key areas of interests as a EdTech Trainer and speaker are:

  • Educational Technologies
  • Gamified Learning
  • Fostering Creativity with Spark
  • Brand Building for Educators
  • Student-Teacher Connect and Role of Technology
  • Online Vs Offline Image
  • Academic Integrity- Best practices to Dodge Plagiarism
  • Professional Development- Online opportunities for Educators and Students
  • Digital Profiles and Portfolios

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Chris Willey

Director of the Immersive Media Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Chris Willey is the Director of the Immersive Media Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The lab is an antidisciplinary collaborative that conducts research within emerging technologies. The research aligns the spheres of science, culture, and technology through the lens of creativity.

Willey is a Lecturer at UW-Milwaukee where he is tasked to present all freshmen Peck School of the Arts, Art & Design students the connections between culture, technology, and critical theory. Willey is also the coordinator of an international program with the Hubei University of Technology in Wuhan, China. Willey is a published author, curator, as well as an internationally exhibited new media artist.

Albert Generales Yap

Arts, Media, and Entertainment Teacher Orange Unified High School and Creative Director, Film Production and Live Broadcasting

Orange County, California

Creative Director for Visual Professionals Educator for Orange Unified School District. Video Editor (volunteer) for Children of the Nation. Creator/Owner of Visual Professionals. Video Producer for Claremont Colleges, Pitzer College CAPAS

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