Akilan '25 & Sowmya '27

We're really encouraged to ask questions and think deeply."

~ Akilan '25

Academy students are taught how to think: how to understand their own worldview and that of others, how to evaluate information, how to construct and analyze an argument, and how to communicate clearly, authentically, and diplomatically.

"Instead of just learning subject matter and being quizzed on it," says Akilan, "we'll be asked to really think hard about why is this stuff happening, how this is happening, and ask questions.

"The main thing I've really come to appreciate about the teachers is they make learning approachable and enjoyable."

The Academy is a place where you can do everything. I don't know what you can't do here."

~ Sowmya '27

With more than 80 extracurricular offerings, students can satisfy their curiosity in activities ranging from esports and mariachi band to student government and speech and debate. And if there's no club focused on their specific interest, they can start one!