Elias Antonio Meloto 1-Matapat

Grade 1 is easy because we have easy classes.

Grade 1 is the sames as Prep because we have the same activities. But Grade 1 is also different from Prep because we didn't have club in Prep.

What do you enjoy the most in Grade 1?

I enjoyed Xam's birthday and the day when we made the wire art in Art class.

1-Matapat is great!

What are your favorite subjects?

I like Health because we watch videos and Science because we do different stuff and study about the bones, heart, and different stuff. I also enjoy Art because we do different art activities that we love. We can color and make anything that we really like.

What are your least favorite subjects?

English and Filipino are not my favorite because I don't know some of the words. Spelling of numbers is hard and long in Math. We only write words in Penmanship.

What can you say about your exams?

I'm happy because I got high score in Science and it was the easiest.

From my scores, I can tell that I am good in Science but I would still like to get better in English.

My Friends

Tala, Solana, Xam, Sahaya are my close friends because they're nice to me. Solana is friends with everybody in the class.

Events in School

Pagpupugay kay Rizal

Talent Show

Journal Entry

Parent Visitors

I learned that we should be kind and not have enemies. The parent visitors were nice and fun.

Manila Field Trip

I enjoyed the trip to Museo Pambata because there's a lot of places to play with and they were fun.

National Children's Book Day

Ako si Emilio Jacinto mula sa Marvino's League of Superheroes. I met an author in the workshop.

Home Visit at Solana's Home

I enjoyed the hand painting and playing of Lego.

Play Date with Brgy. Sacred Heart Kids

We played dodgeball and we had fun.

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