who are the BBFC and what do they do?

BBFC stands for British board of film classification and it is the council of management and they give film reviews. They give age ratings so people and children don't watch films that are over their age

How many age rating categories are there and what are they?

frozen is a U because it has a bit of violence, The coming war of china is a 12A because it has upsetting images of real deaths and illness, I am bolt is a PG because it has mild bad language and drug references. The dark knight is a 12 and it contains strong fantasy violence and sustained threat. the creepy is a 15 because it has strong violence and gruesome images.

this film has strong fantasy violence because buildings bikes cars get blown up and buildings go on fire. the joker holds a gun as well in the trailer.

there were rockets flying and a lot of explosion and in this film it said the film is a warning. some people die in it.

this film has a bit of violence because the snowman dies during the film.

this film is a PG because it has a bit of jokes and in some scenes he is half naked. theres alot of inspirational.

this film had an explosion in it and the woman was screaming which probably means someone has died in the film.

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