Kicked Out By: Beth goobie


  1. Dime: main character
  2. Tiff: DIme's best friend
  3. Gabe: Dime's boyfriend
  4. Darren: Dime's brother
  5. Lena: Gabe's ex and wants to fight Dime

In this book a teenager named Dime is dealing with many problems. Dime lives with her parents (as most teens do). Dime arrives home later than 9:00. Dime has to be home by 9 while living with her parents. One day they say that Darren will let her move in with him. When Dime moves in with her brother her parents tell her she will have to cook for him. Dime's brother was in a car crash with her and broke his neck, so he is stuck in a wheel chair. Shortly after Dime moves in with her brother she invites Tiff and Gabe over. Gabe decides to blast the music on Darren's stereo. Shortly after that the land lord comes knocking on the door and yells at them for blasting the stereo. Gabe takes Dime for a driving lesson. she fails.The next day Dime's boyfriend asks her to come for a ride during 3rd period, she declines the offer. Later that night Dime and Darren got in a fight for some reason that was not at all obvious. Gabe takes Dime for another driving lesson she fails again because she keeps hearing voices down talking her. Darren tries to help Dime get a grip of what she needs to do to help her self. The next day Dime sees that Gabe's ex Lena is on his bike with him. Gabe's ex thinks that Dime is still after Gabe. Dime breaks up with Gabe that night. the day after Dime makes up with her parents. Dime's parents are proud of Dime for how much she matured they ask her to come back and live with them. Dime politely refuses, Dime says that her home is where she is at her brother Darren's house. That summer Darren, Dime, and Darren's friend Larry go to California. she sees Gabe on the way and tells him to have a great summer.

Setting: the setting was a place called Winnipeg which is a city like area

This is a city much like the setting of the story Kicked Out

characters in the story pictures

This is a picture representing Dime from kicked out
This is a picture representing Gabe from Kicked Out
This a picture representing Tiff from Kicked out
This picture is supposed to represent darren


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