Smart Home Expenses Management System G52GRP

An efficient system that focuses on household expenses incurred by the members lifestyle. It presents expenses entries in tabular numerical form with chart visualizations for easier comprehension.


  • Monitor quantum and timing of cashflow
  • Record and keep track of all types of expenses
  • Present insightful distribution of all expenditure
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of maintaining a household budget

Reviews on Similar Systems

While these systems featured similar solutions in expenses management; however issues such as complex navigation, and narrowed function in certain areas makes them difficult to be use by a household setting.
Easy initial set up and simplified user navigation is ynab and spendee's main advantages, however they lack in more complex budgeting needs.


Xpenditure and mint are suitable for user who are EXPERIENCE with expense system, because of their more technical usage which brings lots of flexibility but has a steep learning curve.


  • Allowing initial selection of roles to generate easy budget templates for first time user
  • Overall view of all report on user’s budgets
  • Suggest user to limit their daily expenses

System Design : Managee

Dashboard consolidates all current monthly budget while providing suggestions according to your spending trend.
Expenses View focuses on the individual budget's transactions entry relating it to the toal budget allocation.
Charts View categorize each entry by its own category using Google Chart API.
Reports View consolidates all budget and show by monthly or yearly in table form.

Technical Design

Future Improvements

  • Develop predictive model (Decision Tree)
  • Develop bank integration and exporting feature
  • Improve expenses entry accuracy and simplifying the steps
  • Improve security measure of the system
Created By
Ken Poon

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