Riley Miller photography 1 period 4

this was for a photo challenge. it was for the composition photo challenge. the challenge was to have multiple elements of composition in one photo while still making it look nice.
this was also for a photo challenge. this is my beautiful model Jaden Montei. this was for the motion photo challenge.
This is one of my favorite pictures i have taken this school year. i found it outside and i never ended up turning it in for anyything but i feel like should have.
i got this photo while out on a photo shoot looking for things to take pictures of and i looked up and snapped a pic for fun but then i actually looked at it and its really nice so i took more of this flag and i like how it turned out.
this photo was for one of my very first photo challenges and ive always been very proud of this photo.

i make my art because i enjoy the way it looks. i mostly create my art for my own amusement and my own enjoyment. a lot of the picture i have taken this semester have been of my model Jaden, she is my pure inspiration. she is a very up beat person and always happy so she always makes a good photo. i usually dont take random photos, so most of my pictures are purely to capture a moment or memory that i want to remember. even when im taking pictures of random objects, there is always a story behind them and they will always hold a memory. i do try to make my photos a little out side the box, or unusual. basically something that someone wouldn't usually think to take a picture of. like i said, my pictures always mean something to me because they hold a memory so they usually mean a great something to me.

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