President katie burns

7 rolls of the President

chief or state, executive, administrator, diplomat, comander of chief, chief of legislator, party chief

Powers of the President

executive power, ordinance power, diplomatic and military, make treaties, executive agreement

Constitutional Qualifications of President

must be 35 years old, resident "within the US" for 14 years, "natural born citizen"

Informal Qualifications

setting and enacting a legislative agenda, executive orders, sending troops without a delaration of war, conducing foreign policy initiatives

Compensation of the President

salary: $400k, benefits: after presidency annual pension of $200k, travel: $100k untaxable travel account, office: white house office has $50,000 expensives

White House

staff: 96 employees, Chief Usher oversees a all the chiefs im the white house, each chief oversees 21 people

cost $4 million a year, flowers, movie theater, bowling alley, pool, tennis court, baseball court, putting green, ground keepers, florists, vallets, butlers, a pastry chief, 24 hour cooking staff,

AirForce 1

holds up to 70 passengers as well as up to a 26 person crew, cost: $185k an hour

Ground Transportation

"The Beast" - $300k a year, 2 "bianitaty buses" $1 mm each

Blair House

larger than the white house, 119 rooms, 20 bedroom for giest and staff, 35 bathroom, 4 dinning rooms, gym, flower shop, hair salon, house flys the flags, aslo known has the "Presidents Townhouse"

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katie burns

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