Rubbish Renewed $30,000 raised in 2019 for Realms Schools (Realms Middle School & Realms High School)

Realms Middle School (est.2001) and Realms High School (est.2018)

Thank You for helping us reach our fundraising goals!

Rubbish Renewed's revenue will go directly towards the robust "Fieldwork Program" at Realms Middle School and the Realms High School’s “Intensives” Program (engaging, experiential and relevant week long classes that allow students to dig deep into a single topic and experience it first hand).

A snapshot of some of the costs

  • $10,000 - funds the full cost of a 3-day trip to the Warm Springs Reservation for 7th graders
  • $5,000 - funds the full cost of additional fieldwork instructors hired to help run our 10-day Travel Study trip
  • $1,500 - funds the full cost of meals for 6th grade classes on our 4-day fieldwork trip to Portland to study sustainability
  • $1,000 - funds the full cost of 16 days (per year) of transportation for 100 7th & 8th grade students’ stewardship fieldwork
  • $500 - funds the cost for one 8th grade student of the 10-day Travel Study Trip

On January 25, 2019, Bend, Oregon witnessed two stunning shows that comprised the 9th annual Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show.

51 designers

1 night

2 completely different shows.

In the first show...24 student designers from 8 different schools in Bend, Oregon.

The creativity on the runway came from Realms High School, Bend High School, Summit High School, Realms Middle School, Cascades Academy, Cascade Middle School, Silver Rail Elementary, and Amity Creek Elementary.

In the second show...27 new designers and garments.

Photos by Suzette Hibble of SHE Photography

You can buy photos at the link below.

An audience of more than 1,000 people for the night.

600 people at the 1st show and 400 people at the 2nd show

9 Garments Auctioned in a Live Auction

Raising $3500 for Realms Schools.


Make-up by Bombshell Lashes in Bend, Oregon.

555 NW Arizona Ave #10

Hair by Bishops Barbershop in Bend, Oregon.

130 NW Oregon Ave
Aja Kogan rocking her garment, "Take Me Out."

A local pop up Marketplace of 10 artists that captivated our hearts and inspired our minds.

And for helping us get the word out!

We'll see you at the 10th annual Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show!


JANUARY 25, 2020


SHE Photography