All things fall apart: religion & rituals By: CHinua aChebe

Igbo is their religion, one of they're many important customary rituals and symbols that symbols hospitality. One being the kola nut.

The kola nut is a very important feature of the tradition in Nigeria, which holds great social significance for many ethnic groups. So like hospitality.

The kola nut is a symbol of hospitality. When your guests come in, they'll feel welcomed and respected.

In Igbo culture, the kola nut is a crucial part of many ceremonies and gatherings, but it appears in the novel primarily as a way of welcoming visitors into one's home, and respect.

In Chaper 3, the week of peace was introduced. The week of peace was one of the means of unification for the clan and appeasements for the gods in control over their crops.

They believe that in order to have a good, clean crop. The spirit must first be cleansed. No martial,physical abuse, or hurtful language is allowed during this week.

During the week of peace okonkwo hit his wife, well one of his wives. To us in our culture and just in time today in general, we see it as a bad terrible thing to do. To hit women. But to them in their culture it's something normal, see absolutely nothing wrong with it. Strange...

Another famour ritual in the book, Things Fall Apart, are yams.

Yams are only grown by men. The size of a field and harvest say much about his work ethic. They are a symbol of masculinity and ability as a provider.

Overall, i feel like they're religion and rituals are pretty much just as ours. Everyone has they're own unique way of showing and expressing their beliefs. And as we look at them (different cultures) we realize and question multiple things. So thats where i think we need to be more open minded to it. In chapters 1-9 its only really talked kr mentioned those rituals so im sure there more but until then, we'll work with what we have. Again like i said we're going to question a verity of things, but we'll only learn if we have an open mind to them. Some of they're beliefs can be a little disturbing but i think its always good to know about it. I also think that they're religion and ritauls as well as beliefs havent really changed today, in the sense that we all still work ans study on the way we were taught by our culture and so are they.

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