Tom Sawyer prequel CREATE BY GUILLAUMe

Tom is not a normal boy he likes to try to look ghost. Huck is his friend and he dont want to try. But one day Tom fring Huck.After that day Huck loves to try to see ghost. Injun Joe thefts the bank one time with friend. Tom and Huck hear one time in the radio.

One day they see Injun Joe not in a book but in the real world. They see he through the window. The bandit lives in a beautiful home with a girl. the girl is in the same class of Tom. One time Huck is by this girl her name is Gertrud and this future bandit do a strange act.

After two minutes they chose to Injun because they don't want that Injun Joe and he girl look us went they spy.

Tom and Huck go sleep because they have school tomorrow after the story start.


Created with images by Gwydion M. Williams - "Tom Sawyer"

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