EXPLORATION Jordan Roberts

CAUSE 1: Curiosity about the world

Curiosity about the world caused exploration because the kings and queens in Europe wanted to know if there was land out there and if there was then they would have it and also to go and see if there was anything that they could use, for trade and to build new cities.

EFFECT 1: Slavery

with the cause of exploration natives have been harmed and made slaves for the work of the royals. When Christopher Columbus went to the new world he brought African slaves with him. He sent a letter to the queen and king about how how the native in the new land are very open and want to learn about Christianity, when in reality he just fought them and made them slaves.

Christopher Columbus at the new world

CAUSE 2: Europeans want resources

Europeans want to have new resources because they want to be more dominant to everyone else meaning like all the other rulers. So if they were to get more resources then everyone else then everyone else will have to go to them for things and then that would make them dominant in other countries.

Effect 2: finding resources

Finding resources effects exploration because in order to find new resources, new ground would need to be revealed. Getting new places with new resources meant going and exploiting the commonly used materials. The Europeans were a great example of searching for new land and discovering new resources. When the Europeans went to Africa, they found the slaves and brought them to Europe.

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