The Novel "The Outcast "GUARDIANS of GA'HOOLE" entertains you by taking you on a adventure with Coryn son of the evil owls Nyra and Kludd. Coryn does not like the way that his parents do things so he runs away so he can go to the great tree where all of the heroic owls are but scene he is son of Nyra and Kludd he has to prove himself that he can be trusted so he goes to the Beyond the Beyond unknowingly what lies ahead for him in the future.But he is not doing this alone he has help on the way from Mist, Hamish,Otulissa.

Mist: A owl that he meats and tells him stories of the great tree and helps him to read and the power to tell what animals are thinking.


Hamish: A wolf he meets in the Beyond of the Beyond and is a gnaw wolf who goes to the volcanos to protect the Ember of Hoole.


Otulissa: An owl from the great tree that come to the Beyond the Beyond to help Coryn with his education and teach him colliering.


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