December 3 - 7, 2018 THIS WEEK IN OUR SCHOOLS

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Featured this week:

  • District-Wide Students
  • Colorado Elementary: Mrs. Stewart's 4th Grade Class.
  • Grant Elementary: Flag Donation.
  • Grant Elementary: Grant Gives Back.
  • Grant Elementary: November Perfect Attendance.
  • Grant Elementary: Leadership Labs.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Family Holiday Party.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Ms. Story's ASL (American Sign Language) Class.
  • Madison Elementary: Mrs. Godden-Alloway's Reading Class.
  • Central Middle School: CMS 6th Grade Avengers Superheroes!
  • Central Middle School: Mrs. Negus' ELA Class.
  • Central Middle School: Mr. Edkin's Design and Modeling Class.
  • West Middle School: Mrs. Schroeder's 6th Grade Energy and the Environment Class.
  • West Middle School: West Pepper Volleyball Game Record Set!
  • West Middle School: Spreading Holiday Cheer.
  • Muscatine High School: K-POPS Club.
  • Muscatine High School: Mrs. Rauenbuehler's Pre-AP English 10 Class.
  • Muscatine High School: Work Experience Trainee of the Week.
  • Muscatine High School: Mrs. Kelsey's and Mrs. Wells' Classes.
  • Muscatine High School: Mrs. Phelp's Yoga Class with Muskie Wrestling Team.
  • Muscatine High School: Mrs. Clark's Essential Chemistry Class.
  • Muscatine High School: Bags of Blessings.
  • Muscatine High School: Academy Students.
  • Muskie Sports
  • District Staff


International Hour of Code - Elementary

Students in third, fourth and fifth grades at Colorado, Madison, and Mulberry Schools participated in the International Hour of Code this week. Hour of Code is a program used in conjunction with International Computer Science Education week and included almost 700 million people from over 180 countries! Our students engaged in a Dance Party where they programmed characters to do different dances using Block code.

Join the coding party at:

Mulberry Students
Madison Students
Colorado Students

International Hour of Code - High School

Several MHS students participated in the library's Hour of Code activities this week. Activities were held during Muskie Time on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday and students got to learn about coding using Blocks. Special thanks to Denise Hillman and Scott Comstock for being present to help and to Aaron Smith and members of the MHS Robotics Team, Fire Island, for coming to speak about building their robot and going to robotics competitions.

Also, shoutout to Sophomore Bridgette Bissel for successfully programming the Activity Bot using Blockly after only one hour of coding experience! Check out the video of the Activity Bot running her code!

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

District-wide students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing attended the Mississippi Bend AEA Deaf Day last Friday. This is the one day of the year when all the students who are DHH from our region gather. Games were set up, cookies to decorate, crafts to make, and Signing Santa was there. Booths were set up for: hearing technology, FREE video phones that can be installed at the students homes, independent transitions and housing, colleges and scholarships, information about camps for DHH kids (NASA Space camp, wilderness camp, swimming, sports, etc), vendors for novelties and so much more were set up to share information and swag for the kids. Each student had raffle tickets they could put in for prizes at the end of the event. Each student left with amazing prizes, memories with friends and accessibility to language all day! Such a wonderful event put on by Judy Gipson and the MBAEA! Thank you!!


Colorado 4th graders in Mrs. Stewart's class are getting ready for their Holiday Shop this Friday by decorating gift bags.


Lucas Job, begindergarten student, and his family donated an American Flag to Grant School after noticing that ours was becoming tattered. Thank you for showing your Family Leadership at Grant School!


Sal Vitale's sponsored Grant PTL's first "Grant Gives Back" fundraiser event on Monday night. Sal Vitale's generously donated 20% of the evening's proceeds to Grant PTL (Parent-Teacher Lighthouse Team), who plans to use the funds to help families in need this holiday season. We even had a special visitor by the name of Santa stop by for a visit!


In November, we had 129 students with perfect attendance, which is about 46% of our student body at Grant! Way to go Grant Muskies!


We are finishing our first round of Leadership Labs this Friday. We currently have 17 different labs students got to choose from. One of those labs is Mr. Valenzuela's coding/programming lab. They are truly finding their voice doing things they love!


Jefferson PTO hosted a holiday party for students and parents last Sunday. There were many fun activities including a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus!


The students in Ms. Story's ASL (American Sign Language) class at Jefferson worked hard all week to earn a sign language temporary tattoo that means "Champ!" After last Friday's Deaf Day regional field trip and a week of amazing ASL discoveries we all feel victorious, like CHAMPS!


Kindergarten students in Mrs. Godden-Alloway's reading class are reading about Pat and Sam.


Congratulations to this week's CMS 6th grade Avengers Superheroes!


Mrs. Negus' ELA class, with the help of Mrs. Rhodes, analyzed two forms of poetry. As the students listened to the poems, they drew what they heard. They then went on a museum walk to look at other students' pictures.


6th graders in Mr. Edkin's Design and Modeling class, worked on 3D modeling using SketchUp. When they were finished in SketchUp, they then 3D printed some of their projects.


The 6th grade Energy and the Environment class were tasked with designing and then building a wind turbine. This is a small example of their creativity. Once the wind turbines were built, students had to come up with 5 different trails to see how much energy their turbine created.


Annie Zillig and Avery Schroeder set a new West Pepper Volleyball game record of 1,470!


Mr. Wright and his helper, Maurice, help spread holiday cheer at West Middle School!


On Monday, December 3, members of the MHS K-POP Club presented a choreographed dance routine to the participants of the Adult Day Care Program at Senior Resources. The goal of this event was to share a new and growing trend in American social dance and to make multigenerational connections. The presentation, in which students promoted the benefits of music and movement, was well received by an appreciative audience.

K-POP Club Members who participated are Diamond McGee, Gabby Dennis, Alyssa Hall, Jas Stuart, Lizeth Rodriguez, and Emily Williams, and club sponsor Annette Hovland.


Controlled chaos in Mrs. Rauenbuehler's Pre-AP English 10 as sophomores all practice their argumentative speeches with the wall at the same time!


This week's MHS Work Experience Program trainees are juniors Andres Alvarado (L) and Areyo Martinez (R). Andress and Areyo have been doing double duty gaining employability skills and making a lot of dough (pizza dough that is) at Muscatine's West Side Store/Godfather's Pizza location. Pictured with our trainees outside of Godfather's Pizza located at 2201 Houser St. is Manager Angie Haller, a MHS alumni.

e would like to thank owner Brian Mussehl, Angie, and the staff at West Side Store/Godfather's Pizza for their help with training our MHS Work Experience Program students for over ten years. Make sure to stop by soon to fill up with high-quality BP gas and some delicious Godfather's Pizza.


Mrs. Kelsey's and Mrs. Wells' classes adopted an Army unit in Afghanistan for Christmas, the Delta Company Golden Dragons. Students made Christmas cards for all 100 soldiers, purchased snacks, writing supplies, hygiene products, and activity books enough to fill 4 boxes. They traveled to the post office to mail them so the soldiers would receive them by Christmas.


Some exciting news happening with the MHS wrestling team. Allison Phelps, the district's Yoga instructor & Mindfulness Coach presented the wrestlers with different ways to stretch, work on their balance/flexibility & breathe, while they are training. A great, respectful group of athletes, thank you to the coaches for encouraging the team members to try new ways to help their health & safety.


Mrs. Clark's Essential Chemistry Class participated in a flame test activity. Students put sticks that were soaked in different chemicals into a flame and observed the color changes of the flame. Students also experimented by putting multiple sticks with different chemicals into the flame to see how the color was affected. Students learned that the color changes occur when the flame excites the electrons in the chemical. When the excited electrons return to their ground state, energy is released in the form of light, hence the flame changes color.


Bags of Blessing 8 years old and going strong! Yes, you read correctly. The Bags of Blessings project which started out as a community service project of Faith United Church of Christ's middle school group eight years ago is still going strong. It's hard to believe that the project has been supplementing the weekend nutritional needs of local MCSD elementary students for eight years! There have been changes in the project over the years but the need has not with 50% of our students qualifying for financial assistance through the Free or Reduced Meal program.

Students associated with the MHS Work Experience Program continue to work in cooperation with Faith United Church by handling the processing and logistics of the project. While engaged in this community service project, students gain employability and life skills. Thirty students/staff make up our Processing Team and twenty students/staff make up our Logistics Team.

A big change this year has been the additional support and food coming from the River Bend Food Bank which delivers five pallets of food once a month. They also pick up the cost of 180 bags a week at $4.28 ea. To make this large delivery of food logistically possible, Alisha Eggers found space for us to use in the warehouse gym at the Board Office. This warehouse space enables us to pick up one week's supply of food at a time to transport to our MHS processing and bagging space. Currently, we are processing 2,940 items a week and delivering 210 bags to our students in all seven elementary schools.

Thank you, Faith United Church, MHS students, MCSD staff, River Bend Food Bank, and all those that help support this project from the community!


The MHS Academy students went to help Mrs. Ales' first grade (Jefferson) students write letters to Santa last week and today we worked together on Gingerbread Man activities!

MHS Academy students are giving back to the community today by ringing bells for the Salvation Army at Farm and Fleet!



West Middle School 8th Grade Girls Basketball team celebrated a big WIN over Williams Intermediate School!! Way to go Muskies!



Jefferson staff had fun helping students celebrating Perfect Attendance by joining in the dance party last Friday after school!

5th-6th Grade Staff

Forty-seven 5th-6th grade teachers and those specials who teach 5th and 6th grade students participated in a forum on Thursday night to provide input into the beginning process of the reconfiguration of these grade levels for next year.

Thanks for reading this week's edition of This Week in Our Schools!

A big shout out to all who allowed us a "peek" into their classroom this week!

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