My Amazing Life By Stephaine Jimenez

Born and raised in a Mexican family. Thats why I picked a picture of a skull from Día De Los Metros to show a little bit of Mexico. I wouldn't say It was perfect, but I know we had our good times. When I was younger my life was really easy, didn't have to worry about anything. Playing outside, getting toys, and being happy. Skipping to age 10 I was getting troublesome as a kid. The cause of it was my parents argued more and never really paid attention to me. As the years past my life has been really crappy, but I try to make the best of it. My grandma had gotten breast cancer and passed away 5 years ago. That's also when my mom got Leukemia, my world got crushed and I didn't know what to do at the time. That's when I started to get depressed and started shutting people out. I thought I was going to loose my mom forever. Looking at her in that hospital bed was heart braking. My mom was in the hospital for over a month. She had to take chemotherapy, it took so much away from her. Present time, I'm still not doing so well still trying to make the best of it. I lost a person close to me, but at the end it was all worth it. My family still the same, nothing much to do. I'm hoping that one day I can actually do something for myself. Trying to help everyone without all them knowing your hurt. Sometimes it's hard to hide it, but its okay to let someone in. You never know when the next time your gonna see your family, friends, boy friend, girl friend, or anyone. Please be very grateful for what you have not many people are gonna stick around. Don't you sometimes think why certain things happen to you? I think it's about making the right choices and not try to messing up your life.

Some things may look dull, but can shine brighter than ever

When I talk about my life I get sad but, I know that remembering the good times can always make the bad things go away. I know this whole thing may sound negative but, there is still good. Even though I may sound like a very sad person. I'm happy to, I just don't show it much. I'm either to distracted

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