Utopia By carson FIke


We will communicate with body movements instead of speaking, for example pounding your chest is hello. This type of language was used back in the pre- historic years before written language was invented. We won't have any written language in our civilization.

Food Supply

Our food supply would come from us farming hunting and trading with other civilizations. Our plants will be grown from an irrigation.


Our religion would be christianity. Our holidays would be christmas, easter, thanksgiving,and valentines. We will develop the religion by growing in numbers and building more churches. Our stories will all come from the bible.


Our civilization make a lot of money because we are located next to a gold mine and we distribute the money through different jobs. Some of the jobs are, hunters, farmers, miners, builders, tailor, blacksmith, etc. Our trade routes will be all over Europe for example, Italy, Germany, and France.


The government structure is based around a Dictatorship. There will be one Ruler that decides all the rules. This will keep everyone in line because there is only one person in control.


We use technology only to help us, for example automatic tree cutter, or pulley well system. Our civilization invented Automatic farm harvester. The Way we travel is that we use horse taxis to get around.


We wear tailor made deer rabbit hide clothing. For winter days we wear bear hide because of its thickness. Our sport that we play is tiger ball. Hobbies would be target practice, bocce ball, and fishing. Our food would be all animal that were located around us (deer, rabbit, bear, hog…). Also plants and other foods that we get from other countries. Music would be played inside the houses right before dinner. The art would be bought by the only famous artist in the town. Our literature would be books on how to hunt, fish, farm, make clothes, etc.. these books would be for the youth. Our manners would be the same as modern day manners, hold the door for women or yes sir no sir. Our architecture style will be Victorian. Education system will be all kids have to attend school and there will be one big school for everyone. They will learn based on age not grade, so say you're 14 you will take math 14 instead of math 8. I think it is easier and they will make more friends being around people there own age.


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