The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Reed Quin

As soon as I walked in the theatre for the first time, I was in awe. Due to the fact that I was one of the first ones there, the feeling of emptiness and just being basically alone in the theatre made me feel almost creeped out in a way, as I was getting a very mysterious vibe. That being said, I took my front row seat which made the whole experience in my opinion. I could see extremely detailed features such as sweat on the faces of the actors, for instance. I felt like I could truly feel their emotion and passion, and it just made the whole performance that much more enjoyable. When the lights dimmed and the play started a feeling of rush and excitement came over me, and that feeling continued throughout the whole play. Although the theatre was so large, I didn't really notice it during the play just because I was so focused on the play itself. In my opinion, place can make the whole difference in a good life, because place determines your perspective. If I was sitting in the back for example, I wouldn't have been as into it most likely just due to the fact that it's much tougher to see and hear from the back.

I attended the play with 3 of my closest friends, one of them being my roommate, and that greatly enhanced my experience. We didn't really do anything to get ready for the play specifically, but we did eat together beforehand so that we wouldn't be focused on food the whole time. During the play we were able to laugh together at some of the funnier parts and also during the intermission we were able to discuss our thoughts and also get any questions that we had answered about the play. We also did this at the Talk Back which was very cool to learn some things that I never would have known otherwise. The shared experience really made it that much more enjoyable for me and I'm sure it did for them too. While these shared experiences are definitely necessary in the good life, individual experiences are also very valuable.

Before attending the play, I had a decent idea of what was going on because I read a short summary beforehand. Even with that though, I was still a little confused at the start. However, I quickly figured it out and was able to grasp exactly what happened during the Talk Back. I am not very religious myself, but I understood the conflict was between the Catholic Church and Sarah Bernhardt. During her one and only visit, she was forbidden to perform in a play due to the things she was saying, and it was the job of the protagonists to inform her of this. Because I'm not the most religious, I didn't have a very strong opinion on this. However, I do feel that the portrayal of priests as rapists was a bit unfair. It didn't change the way I feel about priests at all but it may have altered some people's views. This was pretty unrelatable to my life, but regardless I found it very entertaining to watch.

Some of the actions in this play made me realize that everyone has their flaws, and many people have multiple. Some of the actions that took place such as Talbot being raped by a priest or Talbot's brother being trapped and dieing make the play that much more intense. Because the play deals with such controversial issues, it is very easy to get caught up in all that but then you forget the main point of the whole play. If you just enjoy it for what it is, I think your experience as a whole will be much more enjoyable. However, if you just think about all the controversial topics the whole time it is very easy to get upset and not enjoy the play at all. This is why I think the play provides an opportunity for katharsis. If you truly just watch the play for what it is, you will appreciate the fact that you can enjoy something even when there is so much controversy in it.

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