Mike Winkleman by serena kozarski

Mike Winkelmann

Mike Winkelmann is 28 years old and self taught graphic designer who makes short films and other little things in his spare time,for over 9 years he has been doing graphic design and digital artist.Mike Winkelman just back in February 2016 has finished a project he has been working on for the past 9 years,Mike said he usually puts a painting together by setting on new skills to focus on every year and try improve on it.

Mike said in a Interview that he uses Cinema4D its a 3D animation program similar to what is used to make special effects in movies,he starts with a blank canvas and first models out all of things he wants into the screen wether its landscape or a giant robot .After building up he's canvas he adds materials to make other things like dirt or metal.

This art work is very well spoken and out minded his theme is so futurist and makes me question myself not just say that I like this picture its pretty and pick the artist I like the theme he's has and its not common to see bright colors in futurist art.

the subject matter of Mikes art is futurist,he makes open landscapes and robots,style/form His style is in the middle because its suppose to be the future but some of the stuff doesn't look like it could happen or be real.The color scheme is a mixture between dark blues,purple and pink but in other art its bright pink or orange.

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