Emily Janiece photography 1

Leading Lines Project

This picture follows the guidelines for a leading lines picture. The walls on the sides of the stairs create the lines. The trees are the thing that the lines are leading to. I Lower the brightness and created a shadow. I also adjusted the green in the picture but I tried to keep it realistic. I like that you can see a circle of light on the stairs.

Rule of Thirds Project

This picture shows properties of a rule of 3rds photo type. The crack in the stairs showed at the top at some area passes through a point where the grid lines would intersect. The leaf is also showing the same thing as the crack in the stair. I made the picture a little more orange. I also made the photo darker. I really like how the leaf matches the rocks. But I also like how dark the picture is.

Macro Project

This picture displays effects of a macro photo, because of how big the flower looks compared to how small it actually was. With this picture I edited it on polar and gimp. I used gimp to sharpen the orange part of the bloomed flower. i also used gimp to sharpen some of the petals. I used polar to increase the whiteness of the flowers slightly, and to darken the background a little.
Braveheart portrait

This is a picture of my dog braveheart he is deaf and he has two different color eyes. one eye is blue and the other is brown. This picture is a portrait picture and i edited it a bit. The first thing I did was I airbrushed away a pink spot he had on his paw. The next thing i did was I airbrushed around his eye so it was not overly pink. I also smudged the airbrushing I did around his eye so it was less harsh and more natural. The last thing I did was airbrush over a small injury he had near his eye.

gypse and gracie

This is one of the portrait pictures that I edited in gimp. I used the color curve tool to darken the light coming from the window. I also cloned myself out of the edge of the picture. After that I brightened the eyes on the dog in the front. I did this by picking a light color in her fur. Then I airbrushed that color where the color in her I would have been if there were a brighter light source in front of her. I also added some more white in her eye and I smudged the color I added in her eye to try and make it seem more natural. Lastly I brightened the area around the dog in the fronts face so it was more visible. I really liked that when I cloned myself out of the picture I did not mess up the look of the blanket near her foot.


This is a picture of jethro that I did not really do anything with. But the main thing I did was I removed the color from it. I really like this picture because I think is it looks acceptable. I also am glad I was able to get this picture because dogs don't really like to stay still.

dino still life

With this this picture I used a toy dinosaur and a white out thing. But before I edited it there were dinosaurs there were visible on the left. I changed the color to white. Then I used the paintbrush to cover up the other dinosaurs. Then I used the airbrush tool to make the shadows less extreme and more natural. I also tried to use the sharpening tool to sharpen all the edges of the dinosaur. The last thing i did was i used the smudge tool to get rid of the unnatural lines and extra plastic. I really like how the shadows look and I like the colors.

oreo(in black and white)

I really like this picture of my cat oreo. I used the desaturation bar on polarr. I think that the picture looks better in black and white. Plus cats move a lot when you are trying to get a clear picture of them. So I am proud of myself for being able to take this picture.

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