US Immigrant Rights Movement 2004 - TODAY

Where was the US Immigrants Rights Movement?

The Us Immigrant Rights Movement is currently still taking place in the United States because of the discrimination it is causing people to protest against the Americans today the movement is still going on because of the racial things people say about them many immigrants didn't feel like they were accepted into America due to the amount of people discriminating them so they formed a movement of many and protested upon the government to give them their fully rights of being a us citizen.

When was the US Immigrants Rights Movement?

The Us Immigrant Rights Movement took place back in 2004 and the movement today is still happening because the immigrants still don't feel accepted because many Americans are not welcoming immigrants into their lives at all, marches took place in cities, towns etc. Back in 2008 many immigrants voted for Sen. barrack Obama because he mentioned that he will fix all the Immigrant problems for them and that he can be able to help provide the immigrants by making them Us citizens and also to give them rights because "Everyone is Equal" that quote caught many immigrants attention by voting for Obama.

Who took place in the movement? And who was against each other?

Americans and Mexican Americans took place in this movement many Americans believed that it was wrong for letting Mexicans into the country many Americans think that Mexicans were a bad thing to the country because with them they were bringing them down.

What type of movement was this?

The type of movement that this was, was a civil rights movement because Mexicans felt like they were not accepted welcomly into the clintry with all the discrimination they are getting from others and they think that with them discriminating them they feel like that they want them gone.

Why did the movement start?

The reason why the movement wa happening now was because the Americans felt like they were losing jobs to other people that don't even belong to the country and that they should be the ones first before them because they feel like they are the superior race.

How successful was the movement for the US Immigrants Rights a movement?

By voting for pres. barrack Obama the Mexican Americans were getting some rights because of him they reiceved the rights that they wanted so that they wouldn't protest anymore but with the rights that Obama gave them some the Americans did not likei that because Obama should know that this isn't their country. This movement is still going on today because of the discrimination the Mexicans are receiving from others.


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