Trash Accumulation in the Great Lakes By Chris Perez

Yet the Lakes seem adequate, the shores, the waters, and the lake floors are covered with accumulating trash.

As trash accumulation proceeds to worsen, piles of trash exist all over the lakes contaminating waters and endangering human and marine life.

Marine life suffers from the accumulation

Marine life often entangle themselves in trash or consume it sparking species depletion, invasive species development and worst case scenario, species extinction.

Waters filled with trash have a high potential of contaminating human drinking water resulting in a spread of sickness and diseases. Furthermore, humans, who consume marine life, are at risk of consuming injured or infected marine life putting human health at risk.

Install signs promoting proper disposal of trash with recycling bins and trash cans.

Intervene for government action through set petitions and letters of grievances requesting for more aid.

Hosting weekly community clean ups to not only bring the community together, but to also over time gradually reduce the trash accumulation.

Things can not change; only we can change them and together we can restore and preserve the Lakes to bring it back to its heights for the environment.

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