WWI Trench Warfare Survival Guide 1st World War French "Adrian" helmet, Rama, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 France By: Tyler shertzer

("Authentic Antique") Metal helmets- Helps protect the head when shoot. It can even protect you when struck with a weapon. Made by metal with a little bowl like shape inside.
("Rifles") RIFLE- You can shoot with more damage. It could also give more range so you could hide and shoot so you wouldn't die. Has a fast reload, and carries more then one bullet at once.
("Maxim") Machine guns- If had more you would kill people faster. Put in a hiden place because the guns are really good. Have more then one person with the machine gun so if one dies then the others can take over.
(StraitToThePoint) The Shovel- Helps dig trenches faster. Could also use it has a close range weapon if needed. has a handle positioned so that it is like punching the soil, so it will take more or do more damage then a shovel with no handle.
(Gunner) The Knife- Used to cut things. Could be used to throw or close battle. For the diggers if the hit the dirt with the knife it will make the dirt weaker.

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