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My name is Sterling Guerrero I am 19 and a student at Northwest Vista College. I am a huge movie enthusiast and write many reviews on movies and T.V shows. Also i love football and currently ranked number one in my fantasy football league.

Some interesting facts about me, i love The office T.V show. Its one of the best shows i have ever watched. Also i am currently employed at Rue 21 and if you are wondering who that little cutie is in my picture its "Chunky bear" my nephew i love very much.

I created this website so people have a place to go for easy movie reviews. I review movie and T.V shows from the theaters, Redbox and Netflix every week. Also what I mean by easy reviews is that I don't write 2 page long reviews. I get straight to the meat and potatoes of what I really thought about the films without spoiling anything.


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