Jose's Photoshop Portfolio Jose is the founder of Fanciful Games

Welcome to my Portfolio

Hello, my name is Jose, founder and creator of Fanciful Games, and this is my photoshop portfolio. All these Photoshop works are the projects I worked on in my Photoshop class in college during Spring of 2017. Below before my work, there's a printable brochure with the works.

Cover Disclaimer

Now the cover shows all the characters from the games that inspired me to become a game designer, Master Chief from the Halo series, created by Bungie and owned by Microsoft (right). Ezio Auditore from the Assassin's Creed series created and owned by Ubisoft (far-right). Faith from Mirror's Edge games created by DICE and owned by EA Games (top-right). Marcus Fenix from Gears of War series created by Epic Games and owned by Microsoft (left). Lara Croft created by Core Design and now owned by Square Enix and Microsoft (far-left). Finally, Ghost from the Call of Duty series created by Infinity Ward/Teryarch/Sledgehammer Games and owned by Activation (top-left).

In the bottom are my Fanciful Games logo I created and designed with.

Link to Fanciful Games Spark page-

Fanciful Games and the Fanciful Games Dragon logo are all owned by Jose Lozano.

A printable brochure on Jose's works. Link to print here

Here's a link to download my portfolio-

A Movie poster
Remaking the Adobe Photoshop book by Against The Clock
An album design
A magazine cover
Fanciful Games' main logo I created.
Fanciful Games' second logo I created.
Fanciful Games' third logo I created
Created By
Jose Lozano


Fanciful Games and Fanciful Games dragon logo are all owned by Jose Lozano. Character on the cover photo are all owned by their respectful owners.

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