Swinton Queen Primary School newsletter 5th march 2021

Its happening - from Monday school will be open for all our children. Whilst school will not be fully back to how it was before the pandemic this is fantastic news and we can't wait to see everyone again.

Details of how school will be operating have been sent out via school DOJO as an attached letter and once again can I thank you all for your understanding. A copy of this letter can also be found here. As you know there are a number of restrictions that have been enforced on us and we have done everything we can in order to minimise the disruption for our children and their families. We appreciate that the timings may cause some short term problems and we would ask that you contact the office if this is the case and we will see what we are able to do.

For the next half term (at least) we will still operate the system where children can come to school in their P.E kit. We know the letter states a P.E bag so wanted to clear that up after a couple of questions. Those older children who walk home by themselves are also allowed to bring their phones into school as long as they have your permission and these are handed into the class teacher as soon as they enter the classroom. This means that they can be securely stored.

Mrs Cunningham & Mr Goddard

Contacting School

Over 50% of our parents have now downloaded he Arbor App / Parent Portal. If you have not been able to do this yet and would like help please contact school on 01709 570438.

Reporting pupil absence / Queries

For all enquiries please can you contact the office. Dojo will no longer have the facility to message school, however this can be done using the Arbor App if you aren't able to call us. We now have an option to report any absence by pressing 'option 1' when you call school.

World Book Day

With fewer children in school this week, and to make the first day back even more special, we are celebrating World Book Day on Monday 8th March. All children can come to school dressed as any character from a book.

Universal Free School Meals

Did you know that ALL children in FS2 and Key Stage One (classes 9, 8 and 7) are entitled to a free school meal? This is a scheme rolled out by the government and is very different from the Free School Meals that you have to apply for based on your income. If you have children in these classes and want to take up this offer please contact the office.

Milk in school

All pupils in the EYFS classes are provided with free milk. All children who are in receipt of Free School Meals will also be offered milk at no charge, and school will order this. For all other children you need to click here where you can order online.

School Uniform (after all, it's not a newsletter without a mention of the uniform).

The school colours are: Black and Yellow (Gold)

School uniforms are as follows:

  • Black school sweatshirt with school logo (optional) or school cardigan with school logo (optional)
  • Yellow (gold) or black polo shirt or shirt
  • Black trousers, skirt or shorts
  • Dresses in the school colours
  • Black shoes, trainers or plimsolls

PE kit

  • School white T-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Suitable trainers / plimsolls
  • A track suit can be worn in the winter months. No baggy T-Shirts as these can be dangerous. Parents are responsible for ensuring their child brings their PE kit (Swimming bag) to school when needed.
  • Girls in Yr 5 and 6 only can wear black leggins for P.E instead of shorts.

No jewellery is allowed to be worn during swimming or P.E. as it can get caught on the equipment.

Non uniform days still require safe clothing and sensible footwear to be worn.

Black shoes, trainers or plimsolls should be worn. If a pupil needs to wear wellington boots or warm boots to travel to school in comfort, they should have their normal school shoes with them to change into.

Red Nose Day - 19th March

Share a smile! Joke competition time.


Help to kick-start a wave of smiles from your house to the next, and onwards all around the country. School will print out the Comic Relief poster, so that children can write their favourite joke on it and then bring it home and put it in your window to share with the world. We can’t make the country smile without you.

There will be a prize for the best joke from each class.

The day will also be a non uniform day where children can choose what they want to wear e.g. fancy dress, football kits, superheros or their normal clothes. Due to COVID we will not be taking donations in school, but would ask that you donate £1 direct to Comic Relief instead. Due to these restrictions, school won't be selling any noses, but we are happy for these to be brought in for those who have bought them (as long as they don't share these with others).

Epilepsy awareness day

March 26th

Epilepsy is a condition that affects the brain. When someone has epilepsy, it means they have a tendency to have epileptic seizures.

Epilepsy is one of the most common serious neurological conditions in the world. It affects around 600,000 people in the UK. This means that almost 1 in 100 people in the UK have epilepsy. Around 87 people are diagnosed with epilepsy in the UK every day.

We have a number of current and former pupils, staff and parents who are diagnosed with this condition and as such are giving children the option to wear something purple on the 26th March. This could be a headband, ribbons in hair, socks, hats or even a t-shirt. This is not a non-uniform day so if it is not purple we expect children to be in school uniform.

School Holidays / Diary Dates

Friday 19th March - Red Nose Day

Friday 26th March - ' A splash of purple'

Easter – School closes on Friday, 26th March 2021 and re-opens on Monday, 12th April 2021.

May Day – School closes on Friday, 30th April 2021 and re-opens on Tuesday, 4th May 2021

INSET DAY - Thursday 6th May

Spring Bank – School closes on

Friday, 28th May 2021 and re-opens on Tuesday, 8th June 2021. The 7th June is an INSET day.

Summer – School closes on Tuesday, 20th July 2021.


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