What is in the Constitution

Article 1

Legislative Branch

The main thing about aricle one is the legislative branch. Congress is made of two houses the house of representatives and the senate

If you want to be a representative you have to be twenty-five years or older and to be a Senator you have to be thirty years or older

Getting a representative is based on the onethousands person but every state need at least one.

Before a law can become a law the house of representatives and the senate needs to aprove of it then the President.

Since Congress collects all the different taxes they pay the debt to provide for the common Defense and the general Welfare of the United States.

To provide for the Militia and the Governing and other things the tRaining is according tO the discipline prescribed by the congress.

Article 2

Executive branch
When picking out electors each state must anoint in a manner that the legislature can therefore have the same number as Senators and Representatives.

If there is the same number of votes for two people than the House of Representatives should chuse one of them for the next president.

When a president at chosen times will be giving a compensation which is not used while in office.

The president can make treaties with the help from the SenaTe if only two/ thirds of them are there.

Article three

The judges of the suPreme and the infeRior courts can only be in service if they havd good behavior.

If there is a case affecting the ambassador or other ministers and consuls the Supreme Court shall have the original jurisdiction.

The twenty-seven amendments

  1. The right for freedom
  2. The right to owned guns
  3. No quartering of soldiers without approval of owner
  4. Freedom of unreasonable search and seizure
  5. The right not to lose life, liberty to property without the due process law
  6. The right to be trends in the state and district for where the crime was committed
  7. The right to a jury trail in certain civil cases
  8. No cruel or unusual punishments no excessive bail or fines
  9. The enumeration in the constitution "of certain rights shall not be constructed to deny or dishoner other retained by the people.
  10. The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution nor prohibited by it to the states are reserved to the sates respectively or to the people.
  11. A citizen of our state can not sue another state in federal court.
  12. . Members of the elected oral college call electors each will vote for one person for president and one for Vice President.
  13. Slavery is abolished in the United States,
  14. All persons cannot born in the United States are citizens of the US and of the state in which they live
  15. A citizen cannot be denied the right to vote because of race, color, or previous condition.
  16. Congress as the power to collect income taxes
  17. The two United States senator from each state are to beelected by the people of the states.
  18. person may not sell or transport intoxicating liquors with in the United States.
  19. A person cannot be denied the right to vote because of there gender.
  20. Congress must meet at least once year with the HR meeting beginning on January 3rd terms of the President and Vice President end on January 20tn
  21. The 18th amendment is repealed.
  22. No person can be elected president more than twice.
  23. Citizens of the District of Columbia may vote
  24. A person cannot be denied the right to vote because they have a poll tax
  25. The Vice President will become president if the president is removed from office
  26. Qualified citizens eighteen years or older may vote.
  27. If congress votes a salary increase it won't take effect until after the next election

The CONSTITUTION to me means that we the people have the freedom to fight in what we beLieve.


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