Flying The Earth Daniell Alnuma in an unpredictable spiral dance.

FLYING THE EARTH, an unpredictable spiral dance.

Daniell Alnuma, contemporary dancer and choreographer, has taken up the specialty of Darwishes tourneurs.

In her new creation, she deploys spirals as places of multiple points of view. It opens a world that brings together and then unfolds a multiplicity of other worlds. Because turning is a carrier of life and meaning.

To turn like the passing of time, in two ways, one that gathers all the past and the other that makes the moment pass to the next, to turn is that, to be and to become.

Turning is a multiplicity, like a wave crossed by a thousand other waves, a fluid, organic world, nostalgic for the idea of returning to one's mother, but also a researcher of a new land, of an out of world.

Turning is also, "turning around" or "turning in bed", or as an expression of an obsession.

Because there are two ways to turn, either to dig your grave or to save life by celebrating it.

In reality everything turns in the existence from the smallest to the greatest, turning to ascend to the highest sphere, to attenuate the feeling of heaviness, turning finally to exalt life.


Photos by Natasha Shakhnes
Photo of Patrick Denis

"My search for movement comes from the desire to be one with nature, to become an animal, a plant, a mineral. Like a nostalgia for the pure and sublime states of being. Transparent and simple in vibration and pulsation".

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Photo of Patrick Denis


Photo of Laurent CARTE
Photos by Natasha Shakhnes

Conception and choreography: Daniell Alnuma (Daniell Alnuma Dance theatre Company, Cirqu Plume, Jungle Dance Theatre)

Creation music, sounds and compositions : Noam Helfer Music and sound producer from Israel

Piano : Noam Helfer

Singing , voices, text : Daniell Alnuma

Lyra ( string instrument, family of violin ) Hadar Liaigre

Jonathan Alter: Drumes

Creation of light composition: Fhilipe Chambion

Creation costume: Yasmin Wollek Costume Artist from Israel

Video creation : Dima terme : Video producer Artist from Russia

Poetry : Daniell Alnuma and Mohamed Alnuma

Duration 60min

Supported by : Théâtre de Die. Fédération des oeuvres laïques de la Drôme. Festival Danse au fil d avril. Conseil Départemental de la Drôme. Remerciements : Cirque Plume

firsts residences : January - Israel \ March - France ( work in the studio of La motte Chalancon ) \ Aprilil - Israel & France \ Theatre Residence on the 11,12,13,14 - 16,18, 19,20,21 of May at the Theatre de Die.

First public presentation on May 20 at Theatre de Die \ Festival au fil D'Avril

Photo of Laurent CARTE

Here are some videos: please note that the videos are a demo out of trainings & researching and are not the show itself , the videos are taken during the lights rehearsals with the Cirque Plume ( in October/ November ). the costumes and the music are in preparation ( and will be ready by May2020) as for the full creation is in a build up process.

20 min training. At the Theatre Espace des Arts, Scene Nationale Chalon sur Saone- with Cirque Plume at lights trials.

Daniell's presentation with the "Cirque Plume" ( The Feather Circus of France )

Photos by Natasha Shakhnes

My search for movement comes from the desire to be one with nature, to become an animal, a plant, a mineral. Like a nostalgia for the pure and sublime states of being.

Transparent and simple in vibration and pulsation.


When I was younger, I refused to be part of the human world, I wanted to be free, as it seemed to me, was nature. I had the chance to spend hours in the depths of the sea, where I had the feeling of flying, I could turn and roll in all directions, just being suspended in this floating space, alone in the world accompanied by the sounds of my breathing and the pulsation of my heart. The play of shadows and the light that penetrated into this liquid mass... maybe it was my mother's belly... Accompanying the vibration and pulsation... winding up because there was no space to turn.

To find on earth this lost sensation, since my childhood.... I turn, looking for the same sensations, floating and out of the world.

Today I seek to become again and to find this state which gives me the feeling of the true and the living, a round line which leads me to the possibility of being and disappearing, a link with the world, outside of the world. This zero point where everything can become and become zero again... a repetition that never repeats... the becoming oneself, the becoming nothing, becoming mineral, a jellyfish, a transparent flower that floats in space. This state of freedom, of exaltation, of trance, of ecstasy, of silence, of disappearance until the pure presence. A pure perception of a body in motion in space and time.

We are a contraction of our entire past, and we live in a spiral of coincidences, of events that embark us to infinity.

Photo of Laurent CARTE

Deleuze explains that by analysing the nature of time, it is divided into two directions at each moment: the present that passes on the one hand, and the past that is preserved on the other.

This idea is expressed in the music in two movements: the gallop for the present that passes as for example a rhythmic motif that unfolds, and on the other side the ritornello for the past that is preserved, as a chorus or a melody and its variations that repeats itself. From this point of view, all music is a combination of these two movements.

If we try to express this idea with dance, we can say that the present expresses a way of unfolding, occupying and advancing in space, while the past that is preserved consists in turning around oneself, or in producing an individual or collective circular movement. We can add that the first movement is an absolute spatial opening, while the second is the total conservation of the whole past. From this point of view: turning means first and foremost self-affirmation, as a presence in the "here and now", it is the "I am" that precedes deployment in space.

This presence can be expressed in an infinite number of ways. Among the turning dervishes, apart from the symbolism that seeks to imitate celestial movements, turning is a mystical act that aims either at the spiral ascent to the divine as a desire for unity, or the descent to the tomb or the dissolution for a new rebirth in the divine.

Photos by Natasha Shakhnes


Turning is therefore a synthesis of 2 movements (2 tendencies): a movement (an impulse) towards the outside, combined with a movement that pulls towards a centre.

The turn is one of the first movements that animates existence. Everything turns, from the smallest to the largest, we are carried away in the galactic rotation that drives the sun, the planets and the earth.

Each mass that receives an impact that does not target its center will start spinning. Since the big bang, everything's been running.

2 forces: the force of attraction (gravity-center) and the strong force-pulse-centrifugal force - which flees the center.

In this creation - Flying the earth

- Daniell seeks to play and control these forces, in the same way that a bird will play with drafts, a dolphin will play with water currents, and a dancer will play with rhythms and melodies.

It also introduces into this creation the currents of life, those that have shaped memory and reflexes, to become what it is : the here and now.

Photo of Laurent CARTE