Popeyes By KAra marsh

When it comes down to Popeyes, you can have a meal that's somewhat healthy, or one that's far from it. Let's start with what most people look for in food, calories.

Chicken Livers

The highest on the list is Chicken Livers. Chicken Livers are just Livers that are deep fried. Though Livers by themselves are high and protein, them being deep fried is extremely unhealthy. These Livers on the menu have a total of 1190 calories. One piece is 119 calories.

Saturated Fats.

Once again, Chicken Livers takes the win. A order of Livers has 34.0 grams of Saturated Fat.


The next thing we are going to pay attention to is Sodium. A Seafood , or Shrimp "Po Boy", is a wrap contain shrimp, a fish fillet, with lettuce, tartar sauce, tomatoes and pickles on a French baguette.

Seafood Po Boy

This wrap may be delicious, but is very high in Sodium. The wrap has a total of 2165mg of sodium.

The 3 things we've talked about, (Fats, calories, aims Sodium), Chicken Livers wins with a 2/3 for being the most unhealtiest choice on the Popeyes menu. Popeyes chicken Livers are high in salt, very high in calories, and in a full order has 80g of fat!

Ew Chicken Livers

Instead of getting nasty Chicken Livers, here's a full meal that's the most healthiest from this menu. The healthiest meal is a 8 piece order of Butterfly Shrimp, a small bowl of Green Beans, and a medium or small drink of Unsweetened Tea. All these items added up, calories add up to 280, 8g of Saturated fat, and 1250mg of Sodium.

In the end, Shrimp truly wins.

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