Black bears are mammals. The color of their fur is black and sometimes brown. The Black bear is medium sized as a baby and large sized as an adult. Their weight is 240 lbs. Black bears have short curved claws they also have a straight muzzle and a round body. The Black bears family members are grizzly bears, brown bears, and polar bears.

The Black bear eats both meat and fruit making it a omnivore. It eats berries, fish, and other animals to survive. The fish consumes the kelp, the catfish consumes the fish, and then the black bear consumes all of it.

The Black bear lives in the Temperate forest which is located in North America, South America, Australia, and New Zealand. The Black bear needs it’s thick fur to climate with the weather. Black bears live with its cubs and sometimes alone in caves, burrows, tree trunks, and grass nests.

The Black bear can camouflage in the trees then it can attack without the predator seeing it. The Black bear also has its claws and it’s 42 teeth. Black bears are eating machines and are mostly vegetarian.

The Black bears enemies are Timber wolves, cougars, hedgehogs, foxes, warthogs, catfish, other black bears, and humans, because of their size no animal wants to attack it.

Black bears can run up to 40 mph which is fast enough to catch a running horse. A black bear can climb up to the top of the tree and slide down without getting hurt. There are estimated to be over 300,000 individuals of black bears. The Louisiana black bear is federally listed as a threatened species and the Florida black bear is estimated to number 3,000. Cubs remain with the mother for a year and a half or more, even though they are weaned at 6-8 months of age. Females only reproduce every second year (or more). Should the young die for some reason, the female may reproduce again after only one year.


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