Little Big History Project (Volleyball) By: Taylor wagner

Volleyball is a team sport

My topic is volleyball and it is important to the global society because Morgan carried out his undergraduate studies at the Springfield College of the YMCA where he met James Naismith who, in 1891, had invented basketball. He came to realize that he needed a certain type of competitive recreational game in order to vary his program. From that he came up with the game of volleyball. He wanted to blend elements from basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball into this new sport. In 1900 they started to design the things that were needed to play volleyball so they made the first ball for this sport.

Process and what the volleyball is made out of

Some Big History concepts that go along with this are collective learning and the ideas he had to come up with and then share his idea with others to see if this would be a good idea. Another thing that helped some of the Big History concepts is increasing complexity which helped increase all the complex things in Volleyball like ways to make all the materials which helped them by collective learning to.

The thresholds that had to help with the process of coming up with the game of volleyball are threshold 6, 3, 8, and 5. Threshold six is collective learning and to come up with volleyball people had to share ideas with each other to come up with volleyball. Threshold three is new chemical elements and they had to figure out the chemical elements they wanted to use to come up with what they wanted the equipment to be made out of. Threshold eight talks about the modern revolution and the had to look back in modern revolution and see what all the other materials people used to come up with certain sports to get an idea on materials. Threshold five is my last threshold I will talk about and it is life on earth and just life on earth will help with how the things on earth already will help create the game of volleyball.

The anthropology or development of volleyball basically just took time, process, ideas, materials, and a blueprint or plan on how this will all come together. Astronomy with volleyball helps with the space they needed for people to be able to play the sport and the physical universe as a whole thing. All of things we needed to be come up with in order to even think about creating the game of volleyball because if we didn't have even the physical universe there would be no way for us to get the materials to to even build a gym and things like that to have the game of volleyball.

This picture can explain how the study of human development and also explains on how volleyball deals with science and the physical universe as a whole and all this ties together on the topics of astronomy and anthropology.

The major changes of volleyball is the focus the swing of your arms. In 2007 study showed that the latter increased sot accuracy and the reason is largely the focus of this blog. A lot of people swing their arms to much and the ball goes flying straight up and sometimes you moved your arms to little and it fails to the ground quickly.

Swing of your arms in volleyball

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