The Genocide Continues By the new york times

The lead that the editorial used was a summary lead. The lead summarizes what has been going on in Darfar for years.

"Despite the dispatch of United Nations peacekeepers to Darfur and the issuing of international arrest warrants for leaders of the genocide, the killing goes on. So does the burning of villages, the bombing of schools and the systematic rape of women and girls. And it will continue until the Security Council shows the will to stop it."- The New York Times

The Enthinc Cleansing of Darfar's non Arabs need to stop because it is wrong to kill innocent people for speaking out towards there government, instead of the government killing they need to started helping.

The type of lead I wrote was a summary lead.

Who: United Nations peacekeepers, Security Counicl, Khartoum’s leaders, government of Sudan, Ahmad Harun, China, Hu Jintao, Bush administration, Richard Williamson

Where: Sudan's western region Darfar

When: June 17, 2008

Why: This senseless killing is happening because the non Arab community was speaking out against the government and the government responded by killing everyone even women and children. The genocide started in February 2003 and is still going on today in 2017

How: we can stop this by sending over soliders to try and free the non Arabs from Darfar and take down the Khartoum leaders and the government of Sudan

The concluding sentce that the New York Times used

“ Darfur’s plight is not yet hopeless, but without greater international commitment it may become so. As the criminal court’s prosecutor told the Security Council on June 5, it takes a lot of planning and organization to commit massive crimes"

To end this epidemic we need the help of countries around the globe and international soliders in darfar around the clock protecting the non Arabs from incoming attacks from the government. It takes a little help to make a big difference.

By Daniel Buck

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