My baby journal By caitlin chin

My first trimester

1 week baby

The first week of your baby’s life will be one of enormous change Instead of having its every need catered for your baby now needs to function in a semi independent state Its breathing digestion elimination and communication will all be very different to the way they were through the long months of gestation But your baby will still rely on you for all of its physical and emotional care for a long time to come at one week of age your baby may still look like and behave like a foetus It will curl itself up most of the time sleep for long periods have short bursts of activity and then need to recuperate. You will probably find yourself spending endless hours just gazing at this miracle you have created If you feel as if you’re still in a state of shock don’t be alarmed It can take weeks for new mothers to feel as if they are back to reality after giving birth and to feel utterly preoccupied with the baby is completely normal.

2 weeks baby

It is common for mothers to feel a sense of overwhelming relief when their babies are around 2 weeks old getting through labour and childbirth is a big concern for most women even if they don’t always acknowledge it to themselves or others there can also be a sense of disappointment that the excitement of pregnancy is over particularly for women who loved being pregnant although it sounds really strange many women develop a crush on their obstetrician and go through a mini grieving process when this relationship comes to its natural end the rapport and sense of trust which develops over pregnancy does foster closeness with care providers rationalising this is one thing processing the emotions can be another thing entirely.

3 weeks baby

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